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  1. Aren't you running around butt naked or something, to keep the bet you made with forum last night?
  2. That's interesting, because the extent to which the cold air is moving to the south of Europe also looks pretty outrageous at this stage. Is this likely to modify too?
  3. It would be really helpful to compare like with like here. I would like to see the 0z charts from yesterday and today compared.
  4. The jet stream is off on a trip south, by the look of it. Do experienced posters expect the extent of downward energy to be modified as we go towards T=O? What usually happens regarding corrections in this kind of scenario?
  5. I can't understand that chart yet. What does it show? If the jet is not pushed south until the 28th, where is it set up?
  6. Can anyone tell me if those big plunges south are likely to be corrected nearer the time?
  7. Hello All, Watching the charts and discussion with interest. One of the things I am interested in is the displacement of the jet stream in about 10 days time. I seem to remember reading somewhere that this type of plunge would end up being corrected northwards, as charts move into the reliable. Is that correct? Why?
  8. Woke up to a nice little bit of lying snow in Hertfordshire. Wasn't expecting that. Excellent!
  9. Off to a 3 day conference with 3,000 scientists and teachers. I (don't) predict a riot :(

    1. Fozfoster
    2. coldfingers


      You just might be surprised

  10. Christmas isn't actually over yet. Just saying...

  11. Long periods of boredom interspersed with brief moments of terror

  12. Should auld acquaintance be ignored

  13. Ouch! Bank statement ow!

  14. Time to transform my carcass into something tasty....turkey soup!

  15. Teary maudlin dancing

  16. A cauliflower! A cauliflower! My kingdom for a motherLettucein cauliflower!

  17. Has defrosted the pipes and got the loo working! I truly am a DIY queen. Yay!

  18. Come on then let's be having you!

    1. full_frontal_occlusion


      Decorum please. That sort of thing is best kept to the dining room table.

  19. Fancy an Arctic plunge missus?

  20. On the naughty step. Oops

  21. Sending in mounted police against the students. Nice one Cameron, you prune

    1. the prophet

      the prophet

      but its ok to lob paint and snooker balls around is it ?

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Absolutely prophet! Many of them went there just for a fight. The police did a very difficult job, several got injured.

  22. Should have put woolly tights on. Brrr

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