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  1. Got to say I'm slightly baffled. I live in Plymouth yet all the ppn heading up from the channel just seems to be stalling on the coast? No significant snowfall in the last couple of hours... hoping this will change soon! Glad to hear there are lots of areas around me who are getting a snowfest!
  2. Thanks Steve and everyone else - it's my job and sometimes it can be a thankless task, but reassuringly all local authorities will have there own kind of contingency plans given warnings of severe cold. On a separate note thank you to you and many other posters on here who help me chillax most evenings with your continued and excellant posts
  3. Hi TEITS, i work for local government and more to the point work with the homeless in our local authority area. We do have an emergency contingency plan known as SWEP (Severe weather emergency plan). We are bringing this in to effect from 7pm this sunday where it will then be reviewed on a daily basis. So in addition to paying the street-homeless a visit offering food and hot beverages (daily soup run) we will be offering them emergency accommodation via the hostel system and safesleep at the salvation army.
  4. You're not alone TI, I've just seen your chart, swigged back a large vodka and missed my mouth... Eyes are stinging but still in euphoria
  5. ....but we can still roll it in glitter
  6. How dare you try to derail the (upcoming) cold/snowfest anticipation...go back inside your nearly complete igloo...shame on you
  7. (Central Plymouth)