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  1. Heavy fatter flakes now, finally proper snow, trying to lay on pavements now
  2. Doing OK here atm, heavier stuff forecast from around 11am for a few hours, sticking to everything apart from the roads and pavements
  3. Just been informed by my almost 8 year old, that I am to check the weather at 1 or 2am and if its snowing I have to wake him, real danger of him wanting to go out in it too! I am tempted to stay up tho, this doesn't happen very often and after so many near misses and barren winters, it will be worth the wait! Good luck everyone 😊
  4. It was showing the sleet starting at 1am here, but checked just now and it's been brought forward to 11pm so maybe it's arriving a tad earlier?
  5. This winter has been awful so far, so much promise and so little fruition, rather have a mild winter than a fruitless tease, tomorrow went from heavy snow.,to light snow, to sleet and now rain, I give in, the weather gods are cruel and unjust!
  6. We have sleet in Crowborough! The winter peak has been reached! 😂
  7. According to the met office, the yellow snow warning does not affect Crowborough, so it must be white rain falling outside for the last couple of hours, it had been raining quite a bit today, but the roads have gone white again now. I really hope the whole region can get a decent wintery blast before the season is over, it honestly makes me sad when some miss out
  8. Met office have heavy snow forecast all morning here, updated at 4.19 this morning, needless to say nothing falling from the sky! Lol really hoping for a full on snow event at some point this winter
  9. Calling it a night now as I have to be up early, took this a few mins ago, hopefully it will keep going for a while yet
  10. Just down the road in Crowborough just some flakes in the wind so far! hopefully pick up soon
  11. Still going here, settled on the roads now, wasn't really expecting it to if I'm honest, gonna be a fun walk to work tomorrow!
  12. I live in Crowborough too, but now I work here snow is less lovely as I can still get to work! lol
  13. Don't worry, it won't snow, you may ask how I know . . . . . , well I'll tell you . . . . . Last week my wife bought a sledge for our son, not unusual you might think, but I hadn't broken the first rule of snow club (don't mention the "s" word) and still she purchased a sledge, a sure omen to scupper our chances . . . . . .
  14. Had a brief snow shower just now, would really like spring warmth now, been a good winter but time to move on ?
  15. Heavy snow.in Tunbridge wells/ crowborough settling everywhere except paths and roads
  16. Out of interest I Googled "SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 03/03/2018 onwards" and this came up.....................
  17. Okay, I wanted to spend the evening with some light hearted banter and you lovely folks talking about snow etc, seems snow isn't as magical as I thought. Just to put things in perspective, on Monday it is the 1st anniversary of my wonderful Mum's passing to the b***h that is Cancer, I am not looking for sympathy just trying to get across that petty squabbles about bloody snow really don't matter, no amount of words will change tonight's situation. If it snow's where you are then great, if it does not, then sorry, please try to look at life outside uncontrollable atmospheric condition
  18. Yeah we did ok this morning, was lovely to watch, just a shame it looks like we lucked out tonight, but on the bright side I get to go to Fuggles for a couple of beers tomoz in T Wells
  19. Yeah I understand the radar returns can be frustrating, TBH I only ever really follow what others are reporting, hopefully everyone will get a snow fix this evening
  20. It gets a bit tiresome, wading through posts complaining/moaning and writing off a snow event that was never ment to start until this afternoon, follow the radar and the reports in here, it will make your evening far less stressful ?, just started snowing again here in crowborough, onlynlight but it's a start!
  21. Is this band clearing through? How.much time before the other hand gets down to Tunbridge wells/ crowborough? Only asking as we need to go out and don't want to get caught out, cheers
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