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  1. How I imagine we will be clearing our drives and paths very soon..................
  2. It was quite heavy, just stopped, Left the pavements white, although, accumulation wise, this winter so far has been poor, I honestly can't remember the last time I have seen so many days with falling snow, a massive improvement over recent years, here's hoping it a precursor to an eventful tail end of winter ☺
  3. Snowing here at the moment 🙂
  4. Just had a really heavy and blustery snow shower, quite unexpected, hope to catch a few more!
  5. heavy snizzle shower here at the moment
  6. Heavy snow again here, seems it all drifted more west than thought? Got a lovely covering
  7. It's ok, I have just popped to the future and taken this pic, that SSW really kicked in!
  8. Really? I'm not that far from heathfield and it's clear sky and frosty here
  9. I'm 240 meters above see level here and its' proven lucky this winter had some snow lying when even 2 miles down the road it's been raining, Just hope we can squeeze something significant out of what remains of this winter!
  10. Hi all, not posted on these boards for a while, Good to see familiar faces and new ones too, I'm hoping for some proper snow cover just so my little man who is 5 in a couple of weeks, gets to see his first decent snow cover, he gets super excited when there is just a bit lying around, would love for him to actually see something noteworthy ☺
  11. Quite heavy snow here, settling on the roofs and cars, brisk wind too
  12. Been snowing here for about 30 mins, medium to light, nice to see but not laying