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  1. Had a brief snow shower just now, would really like spring warmth now, been a good winter but time to move on
  2. Heavy snow.in Tunbridge wells/ crowborough settling everywhere except paths and roads
  3. Snowing in Tunbridge wells, but not settling
  4. Out of interest I Googled "SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 03/03/2018 onwards" and this came up.....................
  5. Okay, I wanted to spend the evening with some light hearted banter and you lovely folks talking about snow etc, seems snow isn't as magical as I thought. Just to put things in perspective, on Monday it is the 1st anniversary of my wonderful Mum's passing to the b***h that is Cancer, I am not looking for sympathy just trying to get across that petty squabbles about bloody snow really don't matter, no amount of words will change tonight's situation. If it snow's where you are then great, if it does not, then sorry, please try to look at life outside uncontrollable atmospheric conditions. Sorry but it's all gone downhill a bit fast for me this evening
  6. Yeah we did ok this morning, was lovely to watch, just a shame it looks like we lucked out tonight, but on the bright side I get to go to Fuggles for a couple of beers tomoz in T Wells
  7. Yeah I understand the radar returns can be frustrating, TBH I only ever really follow what others are reporting, hopefully everyone will get a snow fix this evening
  8. It gets a bit tiresome, wading through posts complaining/moaning and writing off a snow event that was never ment to start until this afternoon, follow the radar and the reports in here, it will make your evening far less stressful , just started snowing again here in crowborough, onlynlight but it's a start!
  9. Is this band clearing through? How.much time before the other hand gets down to Tunbridge wells/ crowborough? Only asking as we need to go out and don't want to get caught out, cheers
  10. Nuffin here atm, very windy tho, keeps threatening then passing
  11. Lovely heavy snow, Nice finale to winter, looks.like staying cool/cold through March maybe an outside chance of a bit if snow at some point, not sure if the 2nd SSW has had an effect yet?
  12. saw this vid from London, really cool! Shows the snow sweeping in the other day ax101Gb_460sv.mp4
  13. Can confirm white rain now falling in crowborough!
  14. Looks like summer sun has the mad thread all to himself this afternoon lol, merrily talking away to himself, loving the less cold outlook Has the 2nd downwelling started to affect the output yet?