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  1. 33 minutes ago, J10 said:

    Wales were not a "direct" side in Euro 2016, not with players like Joe Allen and Aaron Ramsey. We were a compact side difficult to score against and Bale was on fire.

    At international level, you need to be able to keep possession, by all means be higher tempo and employ the press and maybe a mix of these elements could be beneficial.


    Yes but Williams didn't collect the ball from Wayne  and play one two's with the back 4   it was hit quickly to the midfield  then they tried to play the ball quickly to bale    England like most northern European sides  need to play more direct imo  

  2. 11 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    Direct play doesnt win trophies on the World football 'stage'. 

    And England havent got the players. Take a look at the Top 6 or 7 PL clubs. How many English players featured in matches for Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal in the PL last season? You cant even count on one hand for each club for each PL match; in fact you only need a couple of fingers😉

    M City, Arsenal and Chelsea played loads of PL matches without a single English player in the starting line-ups. Liverpool, at most, in any one game 3 players? Spurs in some games, maybe 4 or 5. How many English players have won Player of Season award in last 20 seasons?

    You see an England squad these days and at least 2/3 of the players arent international standard. Pick a Best 11-man European team for season just finished and not one England player would get in it imo.


    Disagree  greece and denmark bith won tournaments playing direct   wales got  to a semi   chile were very unlucky a few years ago playing  direct with a high press   think it very easy to pick on our players  granted they are not as technical as some  but 9 English players missed the Holland game  because they played in the champions league final    we have very good young players coming through  sancho was the stand out player in Germany    sterling was writers player of year  arnold who i mentioned is quicly becoming the best rb in europe  gomez  before his injury was one of the best centre backs in the league     I don't think we are that far away  but passing around the back will not work 

  3. 6 minutes ago, cheeky_monkey said:

    i wouldnt even put our forwards in the same league as a Shearer or Lineker..thats something we lack is a world class striker/centre forward

    I was talking more about the pace our forwards have  shearer  lineker were lethal in front of goal  but possessing electric pace they did not 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    Maybe. A sad indictment on the PL and English players. Progress? No.

    Anyone old enough to remember the England 1970 World Cup team and squad? Anyone who isnt take a look on Youtube. Bobby Moore was class and totally comfortable playing out from the back. To think that almost 50 years on England cant produce players who can play like him or his old 'foe' Beckanbauer, is dreadful.

    Anyone who thinks an England team/squad can win trophies lumping the ball forward needs to watch some footage from Graham Taylor's England manager era.


    There is a difference between playing the long ball game and being direct.    A high intensity  high press game would be more beneficial (for us at least )   As our squad currently stands  our midfield is not blessed with technical players.  Infact i can only really think of one.  and he is to young and  has hardly played for is club    We have pace through out the side  and  possibly the best right back (delivery wise) in Europe    Popping it off to feet  will not help us  infact  against Holland  we be came outnumbered in Midfield  mainly because our players wanted to take a second  touch. And as a footnote during the taylor era  up top we had   Shearer  And an ageing Lineker  Clough and Alan Smith.   Comparing our forwards to them are chalk and cheese  Our forwards are ideal for a more direct style of play    and that is why Taylors more direct approach didnt work.    

  5. 12 minutes ago, shaky said:

    Just taken a look at 18z gfs and what concerns me is the amount of rainfall on show for the midlands wales and east anglia!!its literally a battering for 3 days straight!!!starts tomorrow morning and continues into early hours thursday!!

    Hirlam  also shows large amounts of rain for those areas also    the icon also has areas close to 150 mm could be in for a very wet week 

  6. Awful   overrun in Midfield,  Walker was shocking   same goes for Stones   Delph????     What it shows is however England as improved over the years  we still dont have the players to be able to.

    1.  Play out from the back

    2. Dictate the flow of the game.

    Englands game as always been based on power and pace   Our midfield  however functional it may be  is not equiped to play one two touch  football.  Just my opinion but with the pace wie have up top  a more direct approach would be more beneficial .  For some time  i have always thought the style of players available to England is similar to Liverpool ( albeit not on the same level)   A functional Midfield  with a potent pacey front Three.  I just dont think a continental style play suits us.       


  7. 11 hours ago, Quicksilver1989 said:

    Do you have any evidence to back this up though? You always complain about young people littering rubbish and provide no evidence to back these claims up. Yes a small minority do but painting climate change protesters and young people as people who always dump rubbish is grossly inaccurate.

    I get the impression some people can't use the 'snowflakes' thread to complain about young people so are coming in here and are targeting the same group of people again. Clearly there is a fine line between crossing politics given policies, decisions and economics can have a direct impact on climate change and the environment. This may play into IPCC projections but conversely here has just been rants about protesters which has run its course like the snowflake thread. This has therefore taken focus off the IPCC report itself.

    To be honest  the IPCC report  and protesters goes   hand in hand    I dont think anyone has had a rant about protesters   without at least putting their opinion across why they dont think it will work   For my part  ive constantly criticised  Rebel for what i perceive   as wholly ineffective campaign   i have given reasons  why i think it does not work   and even given other avenues they could or need to explore    Many will not agree  however that is my opinion.      

  8. 24 minutes ago, Ed Stone said:

    Well, off you go then, Mark...show us all how it's done?:oldgood:

    Told you before  it's too late    but these guys think they can do something     let them carry on then Pete  I guarantee  it won't solve the issue  quick question  do you actually think these protests will help?   A few years left according to scientists  till the tipping point   focusing on the UK  won't stop that event happening   and if you think  our government had the power to influence  China  America  and other countries  you have more faith then me 

  9. 21 minutes ago, Quicksilver1989 said:

    We may need to resort to geo-engineering but that is because of inaction. We can still do something about climate change by taking in cleaner technologies. Even if we do have to resort to geo-engineering the climate, moving towards cleaner technologies far outweighs the consequences of inaction.

    In terms of the impacts of protesting they most certainly do have an impact. The ER protests have caused a lot more talk about climate change, whilst the Iraq protests in 2003 had a big impact on how the public look at the conflict years later. Yes protests don't always bring the desired changes but there are instances in the past when they have succeeded. Poll tax, CND and womens rights protests in the early 20th centuries did help speed up change.


    If everyone just sat and did nothing, how would we expect things to change? Its easy to pick on protesters but if nobody speaks then nothing will ever change.  

    I pick on the protestors because for me it's  not enough    like the org peta  another group who fight the little battles  but ignire the difficult ones    they will be doing these protests for years and nothing will change    mass die ins   in Grimsby will have no impact  clocks ticking  edit poll tax woman's rights  were in this country  the threat of global climate change  is affected by much more 

  10. Ok  For those interested  my opinion in trying to change the world.

    1  Blockade  Beilun Power station

    2  mass protests at Tianaman Square  provoke the army if necessary)

    3  Wasson  mass blockade


    Got a client coming   there are three things to be going on with    tackle the big battles not the skirmishes


  11. Food  for thought   may be extreme   but if its correct  shows why  strutting up and down Bristol high street will not cut it. IMO   Edit   I see also India has hit over 50c  making it the second hottest    the hottest being in 2016 at 51c



  12. 2 hours ago, Devonian said:

    Well, the one I'm related to has worked her guts off in the NHS until 'retirement' (though, at aged 64, she's still working two days a week) and now has been on the XR protests in London. If that fits your stereotype so be it....

    Yep thats fits in with the stereotype i was thinking off.  As a matter of curiosity  what part of the country is she from?.

  13. 1 hour ago, cheeky_monkey said:

    really..lets be honest who even gives a monkeys about the club world cup?

    Indeed  it's s joke of a competition   same as super cup   and the charity shield  just an inconvineance 


  14. Thinking of renaming this thread!.  The rebellion are at it again.  Yesterday there plan was to highlight the effect fashion  has on the environment      Blockades were erected  demonstrations a plenty. Even a fashion show including a catwalk.  You may think it would have been difficult to navigate  around the plush areas of Milan.Paris London.   But no, The streets and roads were perfectly fine.    one can only assume there was a problem with there Sat Navs     because as Parisians enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon in the sun.  Disgruntled People from BRISTOL were not as fortunate.


  15. Very similar  to headinthesandism   its a common problem mainly in the left wing middle classes.   symptoms given off are often of superiority and are under the illusion that there ideas will work.    people who suffer often compare their symptoms  to being  pi$$ed on Moet.       Symptoms  vary in length but often last to just beyond the world burns.   

  16. 10 minutes ago, Gray-Wolf said:

    Would you like to enlighten us please weirpig?

    I do not know enough about the level of atmospheric mixing aircraft create (through the full depth of the atmosphere) nor do I know the full impacts of condensation trials on surface temps?

    I haven't the faintest notion of how close aircraft fly to (or above) the tropopause on near arctic overflys nor the impacts of unused fuel from the engines esp. at height with the chemical interactions such complex hydrocarbons will have esp. on Ozone?

    As for my personal take on the 3rd runway?

    It is exactly the same as my take on the tory pushing for fracking in the UK.

    It will not be my pocket that feels the benefit but I will suffer the consequences along with the rest of us?

    My point   and its one i keep making   They are targeting Heathrow  because of another runway  yet totally ignore the fact that   China has now just completed the biggest airport in the world  20 miles away from the second biggest airport in the world.  But no protests  no blockades  no drones.   and yet one of their lead members is a chinese national. YEN CHIT CHONG       Its akin to being against Horse racing  but ignoring the grand national  and protesting at Great Yarmouth. 

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