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  1. You had me until you mentioned Crowded House. If that was the only option i expect my alternative of a Mass suicide pact which would then help reduce the worlds population would come across as a much better alternative
  2. Lol I hope you are being sarcastic pete.
  3. Yes i Think they should get much more tough and stop persisting with this very narrow minded narrative of causing travel chaos on infrastructure which is much less harming to to the environment then such as cars etc Blockading Trains/Undergrounds and glueing one selves to buildings IMO wont cause anything apart from alienating the general public. In regards to myself you are correct i might sound somewhat hypocritical but my opinion is that we are already past the point of no return and call me selfish but i have more important things (in regards to my own life/family) that i would rather concentrate on I suppose with me its a case of ca sera sera
  4. Strange game bara won 3-0 but to be honest it could have been the other way around i still maintain barca are poor take messi out and they are bang average.
  5. Hope your right. but My time on this Earth (40 odd years) has shown me that peaceful protests very rarely work . if we are are in such a grave position and short time frame that experts think
  6. MMM tricky one this. From my limited understanding it seems she was born with both male/female genitiles ?. but her testosterone levels are much higher than a womans?. If this is true then she would certainly have a unfair advantage
  7. Strange score line that was last night Ajax started well and are full of flair however they dont seem the strongest i was very surprised that spurs gave them so much time on the ball very little in the way of pressing in the first half which gave them loads of space A few players were missing for Spurs and that shown as there was very little in the way of creativity However its not all bad Ajax could have won by 2-3 goals and with Son back for the return leg i expect more of a game in Amsterdam
  8. In my mind there is no doubt that Climate change will happen with or without Human contribution history tells us that. However it seems fairly certain that Human activity has increased the speed at which it is happening. its just my opinion but there is very little chance in anything changing for that to happen there would have to be vast investment across the globe. Western countries leading totally different lives then what they are used to. It will never happen. IF the climate scientists are correct in their predictions then that is what will happen. My honest opinion is that all we can hope for is that they have got it wrong. In regard to Venezuela my point was really directed at The ext rebellion crowd. They obviously believe in the worst case scenario. They honestly believe in we are standing on the edge of a Disaster that will be the greatest the earth has ever seen. i can only speak of myself but if i had that type of opinion/ Will and conviction i would do more than just protest in a city in a small European Country that is already performing much better than the majority of the world in regard to Climate change. For world governments to take stock and listen there has to be a huge mass protest that brings major cities World Wide to there knees Peaceful protests do not cut any ice. If i had the same conviction/opinion as them and i thought my son/grandkids would suffer for governments failures then i would cause carnage. Thats why i have no time for these protests. its nothing more than making out they care with little results
  9. If you believe what some academics say. Me? I couldnt care less really everything has cycles
  10. Eu are no good they are below us in the rankings for Climate change. All im saying is Pete we are standing on the edge of disaster that the human race may never recover and all we are doing is gluing ourselves to windows and staging a protest at a dinosaur relic. You want to make a difference?. look at Venezuela as we speak.
  11. We have to get the countries who are not towing the line to do so. How can we do that is the big question. Governments are unwilling to but pressure on other governments because of many factors (Money Trade etc) So its down to the people. If the people in the know are correct. Then this only leaves one avenue to go down. Because however you look at it how often does peaceful protest really get the job done . just ask Emily davison.
  12. You are missing the point. shockingly so. This world only has a few years left before we pass the tipping point A Climate emergency in this country will not stop this. sure it will look great on our CV "look at us" but nothing will be solved and lets be honest if Trump gets in for a second term the earths death warrant could be signed. if this is the best as a country,World we can come up with then we deserve to be doomed
  13. So we are comparing the state of the Thames (A River that runs through the South East) to that of a global emergency which can really only be stopped by a few countries none of which are us. So again what good will it do? It yet again is doing nothing to Address the elephant in the room. China, Russia,l USA , Austrailia, Saudi Arabia,Canada,Japan. heck even Ireland All of which are in the bottom 10 for climate change. We can all be taxed in this country to the heavens we can all travel around on horseback and eat nothing but lentils But the worst case scenarios will still happen. People say we are in a time of crisis the world will be doomed in a few years Fight the big war not little skirmishes which will help nothing
  14. Wales declare a national emergency on Climate change. Ed Miliband Also stating that England should follow suit. But again i ask the question what will that solve?.
  15. In relation to ice melt looks like Scientists have under estimated melting glaciers in the Antarctic https://news.sky.com/story/worlds-largest-ice-shelf-melting-10-times-faster-than-previously-thought-11707301?dcmp=snt-sf-twitter
  16. Was that the 5-1 ?. i remember it well The end of Mick after that we have a bit more quality now though
  17. Yes you have had a stormer of a season and with two games left its still not over yet always surprises can happen. However i agree it really should be cities now. On a selfish point of view if city do win there remaining games then my team with a win on saturday could qualify for europe for the first time since 1980/81
  18. Yes Ive seen quite a few articles regarding those. i suppose in the future if we change/repair our organs quicker enough then we could in theory live forever. Infact a few leading experts expect us to become immortal in someway by 2050/60. Now just need to solve the balding process then we really will be clever.
  19. I see the Extinction brigade were out in force again over the weekend Not quite sure what a 300 person death protest at the kelvingrove art gallery will achieve apparently they staged a death protest right by the remains of dippy the dinosaur. Cuckoo https://www.itv.com/news/2019-04-27/green-campaigners-stage-mass-die-in-beneath-dippy-the-dinosaur/
  20. It seems technology and Science are moving at a rapid pace With medical science seemingly pushing the barriers on a regular basis 3D printers are quicky becoming a powerful tool in all forms of science. They have already produced human body parts and now it seems a breakthrough has happened with cardiovascular care. For the first time a printer has produced a heart out of human patient cells although only the size of a rabbits heart trials should not be far away from implanting these into animals and then the holy grail of humans. All exciting stuff https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/15/health/3d-printed-heart-study/index.html
  21. I Agree. Thought the rules were play to the whistle?. Mind you the red card was a joke. For what its worth i put you lot favourites for the play offs Wouldnt mind a BC derby in the top flight!
  22. yep pete. Huge gap this year. Top 2 are miles above anyone else. Spurs did well to stay with them as long as they did. But alas the spending in the summer did your team in the end. to be honest next season i cant see much change for the top 2
  23. You are right that in football anything can happen. However looking back at that season when leicester won the league second place only accrued 71 points i cant see next season that happening Depending on the transfers (and it will be difficult for UTD getting in quality players with alot of clubs going through transition) i can see UTD getting Third perhaps. But as always we shall see also the players need to gel and with the amount of players you need that could be difficult. Ps In regard to Lpool and last minute goals not sure if that is lucky or just that they fight to the end. utd did that for many years under fergie.
  24. Decent Utd game both sides quite even first half to Utd second half Chelsea seemed better one win for Chelsea and 4th is in the bag Watford at home next up with there mind on the fa cup I expect Chelsea to win that one
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