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  1. really surprised by the amount of snow thats falling top of cars and windscreens turning white
  2. yep same here although got quite alot collecting on the grass. lovely surprise and still throwing it down
  3. In regards to the ecm, can anyone tell me were i could find the pricipitation charts please?
  4. yep as most people have said snow wont ne an issue but will certainly look nice , ice moreso espically for first thing in the morning,
  5. looking at that image you have posted it to does point towards wind gusts in excess of 60 mph across parts of the midlands quite noteworthy in these parts.
  6. yep and wales and parts of the midlands however short lived
  7. latest gfs keeps the theme going for wild weather christmas and boxing day showing a 945 low
  8. what a difference 10 days makes lol very unlikely to verify but lovely to look at. serious cold from that chart.
  9. what a lovely night . looking through the telescope with my boy at the lovely stars clear and cold proper winters sorry autumn night
  10. yep band starting to become fragmented oh well got a little sleet.
  11. what time does the ensembles come out, i thought they started to trickle out by now, any cause for the delay?
  12. maybe a touch of sleet here although intensity seems to have picked up lashing it down
  13. cold and frosty this morning windscree of van frozen now lovely sunshine.
  14. yep fog is quite dense just drove from kford clear as a bell, as you start to to climb fog becomes quite dense
  15. lots of the ensembles going with this low for the weekend track and pressure obviously a little scattered but the trend is there.
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