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  1. 1 hour ago, Iceaxecrampon said:

    00z Monday 18:00 GMT

    Such a contrast in Windspeed - interested to experience this - maybe nothing out of the ordinary?

    Seems such a dramatic drop.




    very windy  and certainly one to keep an eye on   it may not be nothing out of the oridnary fro coastal regions  but inland  those wind speeds  on that chart show something approaching speeds seen with storm doris    interesting to see over the coming days  what the charts show 

  2. Ens  show  most trying to bring in a more mobile north west  pattern  after the demise of the high  Still obviously difficult to pin down  exactly how that well affect us on the ground     most of the ens  have brief north  and north westerlies  before being shunted away from the heights over Europe   a few however  give us very cold artic shots   with the pv over us.    could be back to wet and wild over the coming weeks. 


  3. 16 minutes ago, igloo said:

     nothing but average temps at the surface to my eyes. and looks very likely it will be a cloudy high so I don't see much frost.


    Granted it may not be cold enough to stop you from being homeless   however  I expect temps to be 3-5c  with temps dropping by night   not perishing  but much better than currently 

  4. 2 minutes ago, northwestsnow said:

    Its getting grimmer for those who enjoy seasonal weather.

    Loads of people locally are absolutely sick of it now.

    Its getting wetter and milder all year round, im going to have to start booking 3 holidays a year now its getting me down, SAD syndrome.

    I can imagine   Very strange place  by you   loads of rain   but get the chance of snow  the irish sea always does its job of spoiling any decent snow.   

  5. 1 minute ago, northwestsnow said:

    The reality since 1987 is snow is becoming rarer and rarer.

    I'm sick of reading about SA/solar minimum/MJO/Mountain torgues TBH..

    Something somewhere is over riding other signals.

    My money is on the warmer oceans being the culprit ..

    I think  thats a fair assumption    Even with low sea ice   we still struggle to see any form of blocking   and if we finally do  the uppers tend to be that touch warmer   

  6. 10 minutes ago, northwestsnow said:

    Christ its proving a struggle to even register a ruddy frost.

    The 00z runs confirmed my fears last night.

    ie a dirty high ..

    I had a couple of days were i was hoping for a change, that's evaporating again at a rate of knots.

    No sign whatsoever of even the MJO having much effect on the horrific pattern.

    On a brighter note it looks dry after fri for a week or so, the wind and rain just goes on and on .

    Yes very much a struggle this year   goes to show that many things need to drop into favour for us to get a prolonged wintry spell  SAI  and Solar minimum   are no guarantee of snow.  On a footnote the seasonals this year  up to this point have been very accurate    This year may be a dud  ( wintry wise)  but there is always next year    

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