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  1. No Pete. Its to late in my opinion it already passed the tipping point
  2. Again i give up. and you are supposed to believe in this stuff you actually think the UK is a major player?. Jeez and i am a nationalist if western countries speed up other will follow. I admire your optimism but dont be surprised if you are struggling to keep your head above water whilst muttering i was wrong. edit why i didnt mention USA was because the replies were to the article posted above
  3. I dont protest because i dont believe the experts. For me it is already too late geo eng is the only way However the rebel crowd still think there is time to do something but hand on heart faffing about in this country stopping traffic and holding a protest at a museum will not help anything. In regard to China and buying products from elsewhere. According to the experts we have only a few years. can you imagine the public or any governments ours included sourcing products from anywhere else. Where would we source it from? Our own country?. not a chance abroad?. but where the USA?. just as bad as china there just is not enough time. Hey but at least we are safe in the knowledge that our government is banning plastic straws and bringing in limited thermostats for our homes. I agree that things need to be done but where you and i disagree is how we do it
  4. Unbelievable i blame folks like you for the situation we are in. As you know We have very limited time. focusing on a small nation with some of the best climate regs in the world wont stop anything. If all of these protest groups think like you then no wonder the world is doomed. A quick example. If you were a small child and you were living in fear from a Bully, A large vile individual Who would like nothing more than to ruin your life. He is surrounded by a group of other bullies however these bullies vary in nastiness.. You have only one opportunity to stop him from ending your life what do you do?. Do you pick on one of the other less nasty bullies and hope to defeat him thus in turn converting the bully and stopping him from hurting you. Or do you confront the main bully head on knowing full well you defeat him you are safe. One chance one battle before time is up. What do you do. If you pick the former you are a fool. and that is exactly what these protesters are doing. Edit just seen the likes for your post my god the world is finished
  5. Its my libido falling through the floor as i approach mid 40s . Nothing to see
  6. Thats my point! It was and still is to a certain extent frowned upon and harshly punished Thats why you dont see the Rebel crew out there. Virtual signalling weasels. The main contribution to climate change is China solve that you go a huge way to solving the problem But guess what they wont go and protest over there because of the punishment they may get. And yet you hear the same waffle from them when interviewed " im willing to sacrifice my liberty for the earth" rubbish
  7. I know ridiculous isnt it. I wish when i was younger Climate change was the only thing i could worry about
  8. Wow im Shocked!!! Lets hope protests happen over there https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48353341
  9. weirpig

    Make us laugh

    I think he will take that on the Cheek last poll before elections has him on 38% Labour Tories nowhere
  10. I went to the London stadium this year it was impressive however for me it certainly isnt a football stadium I suppose it was about saving money.
  11. Dont know a awful lot regarding this subject but i was under the assumption that you now have to apply for a individual licence to shoot these birds. If so whats the issue?.
  12. Its always a big leap of faith going down the foreign route in the championship Woodgate would not be a bad shout a young hungry ex player It seems to be the way to go at the moment what with Lampard and Gerrard
  13. Great Just need to get someone who can play much more attractive football not lump it in the air as much and sign quality players. What about Joe Kinnear?.
  14. Unless Southgate has the under 21s in mind thats the only reason i can see why Wan Bissaka and maddison are not included
  15. Delph?? what about Maddison?. why is Lingard still in No Luke Shaw which im a little surprised at Also i thought Wan Bissaka might have got a chance ahead of Trippier Also call me biased but i think Cody has had a better season than Stones and Keane.
  16. weirpig

    Did you know.

    A man (sorry Trans) consultant to the police beats up a 16 year old girl with a hammer but the police are treating it as a female on female violence. 21st century uk folks
  17. Impression of the development at the Wolves ground which sees work to be carried out at the end of next season. single tier south bank It may not be as flash as spurs Ed Stone but it will do. Also comparison of now and then
  18. To be honest i think its time to get rid of FFP it does nothing but keep the top clubs at the top i doubt any real action will happen possibly a fine
  19. Of course they could be above. its a week a way and more. it could easily be a very wet and a cool end to May its just to far out to be sure one way or another i was basing my opinion on the 6z and its ensembles infact going by the ensembles the Op run is nearly a outlier at the end of the run with the mean showing cool conditions a far cry from warm and settled.
  20. Not sure what thats got to do with anything. The GFS 6z run from which model i was commenting on quite clearly shows mid teens i currently dont own a crystal ball so yes it may look different the time we get there. but as it stands the run shows rain mainly across southern central Britain with temps around average. ie Mid teens.
  21. There might be high pressure but some areas in the next 10 days will see between 50-30 mm of rain maybe a little more for those in the South west and South Wales. also Temps in towards the end of that period are Mid Teens at best. Of course things could change but it does look like a period of wet weather (according to that one opp run)
  22. Not sure some club managers will be happy Winks has been injured and both the Ox and Gomez just coming back from lengthy injuries
  23. Approx earnings for the season club by club. Accounting just for Premiership money not Europe of other Sponsership deals. A huge difference compared to the championship were Wolves earned below 30million last year
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