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  1. The Met office App places us firmly within the convergence zone today with T/storms between 12 - 6pm. Whether this actually translates to storms, we'll have to wait and see, but the severe storms predicted for yesterday, never materialised and so struggling a bit to keep the faith
  2. Yes so far no sign either of the severe thunderstorms that were forecast to break out across the south-east this afternoon (so met office forecast looking a little wide of the mark)
  3. If and when we do get any warm weather this summer I'm guessing that the surrounding sea temperatures (currently 9-10c around much of Uk) might temper the effects of any warming fairly well inland (especially if winds are blowing from the North sea)
  4. I'll testify to that. Rain was on a par with the heaviest I've experienced in the 25 years we've lived here in Twickenham. Rain was truly apocalyptic in intensity. Flooded the bottom of our garden and leaked through our "sealed" conservatory roof
  5. I think there is a risk that those predictions could now be largely off-set by the effects of the increasingly weakening Gulf Stream (with potential in the future for temperatures in UK to steadily decline ) Weakest Gulf Stream in 1,000 years could bring more 'extreme' winters to UK and Europe, says study NEWS.SKY.COM Scientists say there has been a dramatic slowdown in the flow of ocean currents that play a vital part in the world's climate. ..
  6. Yes it was a wet winter (at least for the first part) but had below average rainfall (50 miles to the south) since February and so could do with some substantial rainfall soon as already having to water the garden (something I wouldn't normally expect to have to do until late May/June)
  7. Despite the onset of this so called cold snap observed a lot of people today sitting in parks together (a few with picnics) acting as if it were the middle of June rather than a cold Bank Holiday Monday in April (with wind chill of 2c and a few snow graupels blowing in the wind). I think lockdown has made people more resolute to enjoy themselves no matter what the weather has in store.
  8. GEM & GFS showing max daily surface temperature of 2-3c across most of the south-east Mon-Wed and yet the met office app continues to show max temp of 7c across South-East (barely cold enough for sleet) . So wondering which of them is right ?
  9. Well for us this event is more akin to March '13 (few flurries in the wind hour after hour) than March '18 when we had a good covering. Very disappointing that this is turning into such a localised affair and no real sign in the outlook here for anything more than a light dusting.
  10. The forecast from yesterday suggested that there would be a good covering across the entire south-east but starting to look now as if this is only going to deliver if you live in Essex or Kent. I'd love to be proven wrong but winds are currently too northerly to spread the snow westward.
  11. I see that the area of snow that has been to the east of Ipswich all morning has now moved slightly westwards and so does now suggest that areas to the south and west of London which up until now have only seen a flurry or two will eventually get some of the heavier more persistent snow which hopefully by then (given the colder uppers) should begin to settle
  12. Looking at the radar I'm not seeing any real westward momentum. The main band of snow to the east of Colchester and Ipswich seems to be tracking s-sw so think winds would need shift more to a north easterly to stand any chance of the snow moving aross whole of London/south east. Although the winds are projected to back north easterly later this afternoon think the main area of snow will have passed by then ? Unless we can rely on Thames streamer effect to keeps things going but nothing in the forecast im reading to suggest that will happen ?
  13. The BBC forecast i saw earlier did indicate that although the main area of Storms over France were unlikely to affect us they did say that storms were likely to form along a narrow convergence line stretching Belgium and South-east England (which also appears to be the source of the storms which occurred mid -afternoon). The graphics indicated that the majority of the storms would form mid-late evening and then drift across to the Midlands.
  14. a 2nd cell seems to have formed behind the first and now just moving over us. You wait months for a storm to arrive and then 2 come along in a row. Hopefully everyone else who are currently missing out will get their fair share today as well.
  15. The cell appears to be expanding around us as thought it had passed through but now gone very dark and rain is hammering down
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