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  1. The BBC forecast i saw earlier did indicate that although the main area of Storms over France were unlikely to affect us they did say that storms were likely to form along a narrow convergence line stretching Belgium and South-east England (which also appears to be the source of the storms which occurred mid -afternoon). The graphics indicated that the majority of the storms would form mid-late evening and then drift across to the Midlands.
  2. a 2nd cell seems to have formed behind the first and now just moving over us. You wait months for a storm to arrive and then 2 come along in a row. Hopefully everyone else who are currently missing out will get their fair share today as well.
  3. The cell appears to be expanding around us as thought it had passed through but now gone very dark and rain is hammering down
  4. Torrential thunderstorm with high winds and large hailstones here in Twickenham at the moment. Wonderful ! 😃🙂ðŸŒĐïļ
  5. Yes must be nice and fresh on the coast. Less so here in humid SW London 😓 ðŸ˜Ē
  6. Looking at the wider satellite pictures there appears to be little chance of importing any storms from the near continent any time soon. To my untrained eye it would appear that the current trajectory of the storms in France indicate that any which don't decay as they reach the channel, will either head up the western tip of the Uk or out across the North Sea (as snowrye said earlier "forcefield in the channel working overtime" ðŸ˜Ē), so again think we're going to be reliant on home grown storms if we're going to see any action in this part of the Uk today.
  7. The storms over Northern France appear to be steadily decaying, so think we're going to have rely on home grown cells to bring us any chance of storms overnight.
  8. Yes i think it's the same cell. We live a few miles to the south but close enough to hear distant rumbles of thunder.
  9. The visible sat shows that particular storm does appear to be exploding in size but looking at the trajectory get the sense that the storm is more likely to be pushed towards Holland by the UK storm shield (otherwise known as the English channel). ðŸ˜Đ However there are signs of other rapidly growing cells to the west of that (see attached) which with any luck might potentially head towards the South-East this evening 😎
  10. The temperature seems to be leveling off a little so perhaps a max of 35 or 36c now appears to be the most likely outcome when, earlier, it appeared as if 38 - 39c was definitely on the cards
  11. Its only 11am and already netweather showing 31c at Heathrow and Gatwick (which is several degrees hotter than the same time yesterday ). It reached 36c here in SW London yesterday and so surely on course for a potential 37- 39c record breaking temperatures today ?
  12. Count me in ! Had a high of 36c today here in SW London and currently hovering around 24c. Reached 36c on fri . 33c on sat & sun and potentially looking at 36-37c tomorrow. Too hot and humid to enjoy this so yes looking forward to lots of long cool autumnal nights ! 😰
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