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  1. Snow Shoes

    Model Output Discussions 12z 03/05/2016

    The met office are now predicting temperatures of 26c for the south-east on Tuesday (which is a downgrade on the temperature they were predicting last night) so at this stage la la land looks more in danger of being clipped by 2OC 850 isotherm than the south-east
  2. Here in Twickenham we've had intermittent thunder & lightning, punctuated with intense bursts of rain and (hail) since around 11:30pm and looking at the real-time lightning page suggests there are plenty more storms brewing to the south
  3. yes both very similar in height (below) Reigate hill is 771 feet (235 m) high Box Hill 735 ft (224 m) high
  4. The snow seems to be heading SW, rather than SSW and fear it could miss out London entirely
  5. Looking at the met office rainfall radar echo's for the past couple of hours indicates that precipitation is becoming less intense and more fragmented as it approaches the South-east.
  6. Tropical intensity style rainfall here in Twickenham for the past hour. I would estimate at least an inch of rain has fallen here since 8am.
  7. Judging by the speed and trajectory of the storm, I estimate it should reach West London between 5:30-6:30 pm this evening.
  8. The rainfall graphics that are being shown on BBC breakfast news today appear to be at odds with the current rainfall echo's being displayed on the met office rainfall radar (which suggest that the rainfall in the south-east today will be neither as extensive or as intense as the BBC rainfall models are suggesting).
  9. Feels more like round 12
  10. so far only seen light and very patchy rain today instead of the heavy and persistent rain that was forecast for our region