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  1. 18 minutes ago, Barmada_Casten said:

    Posted originally as Barmada Casten - rubbed a few people up the wrong way and forgot my log in details. Posted as Hot Snow and lost those details as well. Always lurked and then re-registered as Barmada_Casten a few years ago.

    I think Tuesdays system will slide south of the region, we may get the trail ands of some weak showers but nothing significant for the majority.

    And no problem we have some good discussions but not personal or heated. 

    Where in the North West do you live Barmada? 

  2. 4 hours ago, SP1986 said:

    Hello! haven't been on for a while.. nothing of interest recently, and today has been one of those typically marginal (wrong side thereof;) kind of days today in my location. Lots of rain today, with some icy flakes from time to time, but no proper snow unfortunately. Maybe that will change this evening!

    There you are! Been wondering where you’d gone ? You’ve had more snow than me today I think.

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