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  1. Hey SAB, I am very interested in your Australian weather...for years I am studying and predicting it....and I can tell you that I succesfully predicted a washout and very cool summer 2011 for you ,back in July of 2010!!!Believe me or not but I did it!! I am not very good for seasonal predicting in other parts of world but I also predicted your cold and wet summer of 2007/2008,and hot summer 2009/2010 if you remember...... And I can tell you that this actual warming up will last maybe 5-7 days,and then again rain and cooler weather is coming...I'm very sorry but I don't see February being hot
  2. Really big parts of oceans are cooling.......especially we can se PDO is going cold,Atlantic is pretty cold,that means NAO is negative,Arctic ocean is cooling.....If this continue I think we could enter into few pretty cool years over the globe!!!
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