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  1. 30 c reached at 2 metres in the shade in Beltinge. Wind off the land still. Might hit 33 later. Was 25 at langdon bay at midday with onshore wind, so its definately classed as hot today. On the subject of onshore winds, august 1st saw a truely remarkable heat event. There was a strong south east wind blasting very hot air across the eastern channel. South coast towns such as Folkestone where i was living them got to 32 or 33 celsius. Heathrow - 34
  2. hi all fax update




    Posted Image


    Posted Image

    Posted Image


    showers or not?????


    a weak west to south west flow


    temps around 22-24 degrees


    radar watch to see what happens with this


    Posted Image



    dry and sunny spells


    a weak westerly flow


    maybe a tad breezy on the very far south coast


    over than that 23-25 degrees and pleasant


    Posted Image



    a north westerly flow and may get a little gusty in the afternoon


    dry am but showers en route pm


    start light but may get a tad heavier late pm


    slim chance of a rumble late pm but it is slim


    temps around 23-25 and feeling humid again


    Posted Image



    a weak westerly to north westerly  flow


    looks dry and sunny


    temps around 23-25 degrees


    not sure about sunday yet


    Posted Image  i have seen worse

    I hate to nit pick John, but its a north-northeast or northeasterly tomorrow according to those charts.Posted Image

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