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  1. Snowing heavily just East of Norwich! Looks 'Bootiful' Edit: Easing off, only light snow now.
  2. Hi Tamara, I wish I knew what you were talking about, but deep down for some reason I know it makes sense! Thank you for your technical input into this sometimes emotional forum, you bring a professional analysis of the 'potential' that the charts and the stratospheric signals are showing. Please keep it up and Merry Christmas to you and all the rest of you mad weather nuts. What a forum!
  3. Thank you for your reply Roger. I respect your opinion and advice and so basically at the moment due to the current chaotic predictions the past cannot predict the future!
  4. Thank you for your reply, I missed that post from RJBW, must pay more attention!
  5. Good evening, I don't post often do but follow this thread with interest and admire all who are brave enough to make predictions at the moment. This is indeed a volatile period of model watching and I for one have no idea how it is going to pan out, nor do I think most people have, although there have been some very good posts regarding the larger / longer term perspective rather than what each individual model run shows. Just a curious question. Why not look back to what a model was showing last week or 4 days ago and see if it has verified this week or 4 days hence? It just seems logical
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