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  1. If Sunday's forecasts are accurate, I would think there's a fair chance the snow gates will be closed on the A93 just south of Braemar because of drifting on the higher part of the road near the ski centre. At the very least, driving the Braemar to Glenshee section might be 'interesting'.
  2. Quite a heavy snow shower on in EK at the moment, but it isn't lying. EDIT: It's starting to lie on the grass
  3. Some interesting views (and some degree of scepticism) on this here: http://www.winterhighland.info/forum/read.php?2,160860 I have a copy of the Adam Watson book so will need to remind myself of the chapter evaluating the possibility of glaciers existing historically in Scotland.
  4. I think the Lecht opened briefly in December and again just after New Year - the weather is really conspiring against it this winter! It's just as well they've diversified into mountain biking and other activities.
  5. It would seem that there was still enough snow in the Cairngorms that winter for snow to survive from the winter of 1931/1932 right through to the winter of 1932/33 at the Garbh Coire Mor of Braeriach (the most persistent snow site in the British Isles). However, in the autumn of 1933 all snow in this corrie melted for the first time in living memory (indeed, the first ever recorded time). Since then, it has also melted in the autumns of 1959, 1996, 2003 & 2006.
  6. Proof that it has snowed in the winter of 2013-14 - you just have to climb a bit to find it! (photos - Alan O'Dowd)
  7. Got a snow fix yesterday on Ben Vorlich, above Loch Earn. Plenty of snow cover on the higher hills. Crampons necessary to reach the top of Ben Vorlich in the opinion of any sane person (not that this stopped some people who had neither crampons nor ice axe)!
  8. One notable feature so far this winter is that the vast majority of precipitation falling at high levels in the Scottish mountains has been snow, and so the build up of lying snow on north/north-eastern sides of the mountains from the near-constant stormy weather has been pretty impressive. During the very mildest winter spells, rain at all levels of the mountains can be expected, and (so far) it has been very different to the very mildest of winters such as (off the top of my head) 2002/3 or 2005/6. Yesterday was pretty mild though with rain at most levels. Looks like things should cool do
  9. The stormy weather is at least giving the higher ground a lot of drifting snow - quite a contrast to the extreme mildness earlier this month. Some very iffy conditions on the hills though with lots of unconsolidated snow. I lifted this picture of drifts outside the ski centre at Glenshee from one of the blogs (check them out for loads of snow pics!) on the avalanche information service website at http://www.sais.gov.uk/
  10. I would just like to say at this point that my username was not chosen because it is a type of wool!
  11. Thunder and lightning here a minute ago - thought I was imaging things. No major precipitation though.
  12. I seem to remember London getting a red warning for a few centimetres of snow, a while back. I think their model of assessing these warnings partly on the basis of the population density of the affected area is seriously flawed. Surely dangerous weather is dangerous weather, wherever it is? Meanwhile, back in EK, the wet snow shower didn't last long, and the sun is oot!
  13. Yes, it certainly makes you think "what a disingenuous, nasty piece of right-wing claptrap." I think the commenter on the article says all that needs to be said: "Sowell's back with yet another attempt at the argument that if we admit to lack of opportunity, we cause it. Better we deny any problem so the poor won't use it as an excuse to fail. Blaming the liberals or the poor themselves is practically gospel for the right as it absolves them of all responsibility so they can proceed to dismantle safety net programs, keeping more wealth at the top...." And it was an 'ideology of victimhoo
  14. Bawbag didn't seem all that bad compared to the New Year storm which came a bit later (IMBY, at least).
  15. For the West Highlands, I think that might well be something of an understatement, if the current charts are accurate! MWIS currently reckons there'll be a prolonged period of thaw on all but the highest summits after the cold snap is over, mind you. Presumably he thinks westerlies and southerlies will be in charge from next week onwards.
  16. MWIS medium-term outlook is currently going with: "Very cold from Monday, extremely so (for November) mid-week. Snow widespread, especially northern mountains, and to low level mid-week. There is a strong signal in forecast models from all the main centres of cold conditions through to the end of the month. There will be further snowfall on many mountain areas." I think that constitutes a ramp by the cautious, sober standards of the MWIS. Not quite in the same league as Scotster's trip to Torridon, but I had a wander in the Ben Lawers neck of the woods last Saturday and it was l
  17. As you may be aware, there has been a noticeable drop-off in temperature and some significant snowfall over the tops of most parts of the Highlands recently, and so hopefully Firefly won't mind me quoting his post on WinterHighland of the final 'scores' with regard to lasting snow patches: "A total of six patches survived through to the new season of 2013-14. Breakdown as follows:Ben Nevis - three patches (Point 5 Gully, Observatory Gully x 2)Aonach Beag - one patchBraeriach - two patchesThis year was notable for the massive SE storm which blew on 22-24 March. This filled in a lot of NW and
  18. The summit of Cairn Gorm registered -7.3C at 7am. It's now soared up a couple of degrees: http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/weather/maps/city?3&TIME=std&LANG=en&WMO=03065&ART=temperatur&LEVEL=140 Another frosty morning in Lanarkshire. 1 degrees C on the car thermometer just before 9am.
  19. Frost on the car this morning, snow on the hills - must be time for summer lurkers like me to return to the kilted weather thread! To whet the appetite for winter, here's a shot from the hills above Bridge of Orchy yesterday showing the snow line at about 800m. A cracking day with sunny spells and some quite heavy snow showers.
  20. A nice shot from yesterday of Cairn Gorm from Chris Townsend, no less, from his website http://www.christownsendoutdoors.com/
  21. Decent snow cover on the higher parts of Cairn Gorm this morning from the recent showers on north/north-westerly winds. Winter is coming!... http://www.cairngormmountain.org/webcams/live/ptarmigan1.jpg
  22. The current MWIS forecast suggests the possibility of snow from Sunday evening onwards: "...mixture of constant rain and heavy squally showers, of hail & snow on Scottish Munros, where freezing level will drop to and intermittently below 1050m from Sunday night (an unusually lengthy cold period for September). Cloud will frequently shroud higher areas." Looks like the temperature will then rise again later next week. Currently, the temperature on the summit of Cairn Gorm is hovering around 0C.
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