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  1. Sunrise over Portree 13 December 2018.
  2. Torrential rain and some thunder/lightning in Motherwell for 30 minutes since 2pm.
  3. Photos sent by a family friend on Skye this morning, my favourite place in Scotland.
  4. Somebody on Skye is in big trouble, possibly a farmer who has been burning his grass fields and the fire has spread into a forest, I'll try and upload photos later. Crazy that at this time of the year that the grass/shrubs/trees can burn and on Skye of all places, whilst so much of the country is under snow.
  5. A wee bit of art work outside my house in Motherwell.
  6. You've now got more than Motherwell, enjoy.
  7. Sorry to inform Edo in Perth but it's snowing handkerchief size flakes in Motherwell at 0830.
  8. I now share your pain from Tuesdays snowless Perth. It does suck sir.
  9. Still he haw in Motherwell since 6pm, yet chucking it down at Charing X, Glasgow and Glasgow parts of M8 & M74.