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  1. It was odd leaving home at 6 this morning, cycling in a strangely warm December wind with no need for gloves and then coming home to an icy wind, drenched in sleety rain. This week has been too busy so I had no idea there was something wintry on the horizon until just now.
  2. Probably a little more wintry here towards the edge of Glasgow than in the centre. But mostly wet snow and sleet without ever settling. I didn't manage a peek of the Campsie of Kilpatrick hills - these only reach 400-500m but I'd imagine they'd be quite white.
  3. ^ I can't seem to get rid of a very old quote box above. Finally we've reached some more seasonal temperatures. Although today wasn't a good day to forget to bring gloves. It made for a very cold cycle back home just now.
  4. 6c last night here, and that's barely outside of Glasgow. Winter is coming.
  5. Left a very soggy trip to Derbyshire this morning fully coated up and arrived back in Glasgow, feeling overdressed in the same gorgeous weather that I left on Friday. Currently 9c there and 17c here. Bearing in mind that I've missed a few summers, the last six weeks might just be the most enjoyable spell of weather since moving here in 2012.
  6. I read the above reports before getting out of bed and I was surprised at how much snow there seemed to be on the ground compared to EK/Glasgow. Alas it's raining fairly steadily so soon enough it will be gone anyway.
  7. No-one's going to make a big deal out of a single month's temperature over an area covering a tiny part of the world being unremarkably average, surely? Censoring ice extent or global average temperatures... well, it's not feasible but I can see the motivation to do so.
  8. Still 12c at midnight. After quite a chilly November it feels really odd. I know last December got even milder than this but it was also preceded by months of mild and wet weather.
  9. Despite anticipating warmer temperatures it's still -3c at Glasgow Airport, which for the last week seems to be the norm whenever it's dark (which it sadly is most of the time!). The city's been looking very wintry with a large build-up of frost, even close to the centre. Gorgeous week. I've realised over the course of this week/month/Autumn just how much I prefer this continental-style climate that the West of Scotland has temporarily adopted, and having more than 7 hours of daylight would be the icing on the cake. I'm not sure if the climate is a good enough excuse to move again, but I should make my mind up soon before Brexit makes employment options abroad a lot more tricky...
  10. A lot of the glen floor and Rannoch Moor are only at 250-400m, it can easily be quite bare in the winter months. Absolutely stunning photo though.
  11. You can get monthly reports here and also news releases here, but these will only appear a few days after the end of the month. I've come across an autoupdating .txt site for the UK's met stations of mean temperatures/rainfall/sunshine etc. for the current month but I haven't saved it. Indeed much of Scotland has been very chilly. I think the frequent hard frosts will have made the month even colder than it has seemed. And just as in October, there's been plenty of sunshine and not too much rain in the west. What a tremendous month.
  12. Much like autumn as a whole, it's been rather anticyclonic in Scotland which usually produces some deceptively cold average temperatures due to consistently chilly nights. The CET zone has seen quite a few milder incursions (such as today parts have seen an ice day whereas much of the CET zone has averaged 5-8c). I expect a greater discrepancy than normal this month. Easily my favourite autumn I've experienced since moving here in 2012.
  13. Morning, only hovering around freezing here, but Loch Glascarnoch was at a chilly -8.7c at 6am on the hourly readings. Potentially colder still tonight.
  14. In terms of public interest? Global warming is nothing new anymore, and because people's worlds haven't necessarily noticeably fallen apart due to it since it was more prominent in news headlines ten or twenty years ago, its threat is, fatally, mistaken to be diminished. It really is the exact same story as 2007 or 2012, which isn't particularly exciting to hear the third time around, but each time the new territory we're approaching is further and further removed from the equilibrium that the Earth's ecosystems are used to.