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  1. I realise that this isn't particularly interesting as lowland England has also seen snow this week, but Valence, at just 100m in the Rhone valley and known as where the south of France starts, has seen an unusual November snowfall.
  2. This week - pretty cool, grey and dry here in the north western Alps, but that looks to be the exception, with much wetter conditions closer to the Mediterranean as well as further east.
  3. Snowline as low as 1200m here, today, and some of the showers were pretty heavy, so there will be considerable amounts of snow at medium altitudes that should stick around for a while in temperatures that are cool for early November.
  4. Lots of snow forecast for the French Alps this week, or at least the Northern section - the weather can be quite different in PACA. The snowline looks to be below 2000m throughout, and sometimes a lot lower than that.
  5. Snowline down to about 2500m in my part of the alps this week.
  6. Pleased to report that at 11c, the rain is warmer today.
  7. Yes, the way the war is remembered is definitely divided by generation. France, which was occupied and had installed its own Nazi-sympathising government and saw much tacit and explicit Nazi collaboration for various reasons. This left a very nebulous legacy, but post-war France broadly speaking brushed this under the carpet and clung to a myth that most survivors formed part of the Resistance against the Nazis. This myth only began to be shattered towards the end of the 60s thanks to influential films such as Le Chagrin et la Pitié (banned until the 80s). Even following this, France's actions and its responsibility for its actions during World War II have been hotly contested to this day. The UK of course didn't go through the same tribulations, and as such the heroic aspects of the war are more likely to be emphasised over its atrocities, with a tendency towards black-and-white, good vs. evil thinking. This has had many implications. The far-right in France, tarnished by its reluctance to accept France's complicity in the war, have always struggled to win over the vote of older generations. On the other hand, support for radical right parties in the UK, often laced with language recalling Britain's Churchillian World War II heroism, finds overwhelming support amongst those who grew up in the 50s and 60s.
  8. 8c in Buxton right now, a temperature around which it's been hovering all day in on-and-off moderate rain and a brisk, cold wind. Not the nicest of days but as far as December goes I've seen worse.
  9. Car thermometer was showing 7.5c in heavy rain this time yesterday in the Peak District. Granted that was at a modest 450m altitude, but that's still a very chilly June daytime temperature.
  10. In England for the first time this year and the weather in the Peak District is pretty uninspiring, showcasing the worst that this country has to offer - grey, drizzly and 6c.
  11. Not even higher slopes... snowline around 600m this morning which is almost as low as you can get around here.
  12. Yep, fresh snow falling down to 1000m over the last three days, giving a return to winter at moderate altitudes. There was (as is normal) nothing more than a few patches when I hiked in the forests up to ~1300m last weekend though, and this is very temporary unless you're at one of the highest resorts.
  13. Fresh falls yesterday mean that the snowline looks to be around 1400m, but today has sleet falling right now at 450m (!) with quite a dump expected at higher altitudes.
  14. The snow has stopped falling, but it had given a good temporary covering down to 1000m or so, and will have greatly supplemented the snowback at higher altitude. Spring is very much back with sunny and warm temperatures on the horizon for the rest of March.
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