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  1. Harve

    France weather

    Quite a lot of rain since my last post but it's been very mild at times. Snowline down to around 2000m but anything below that has been stripped bare by the wind and rain.
  2. Harve

    France weather

    Trees covered with snow down to 600-700m in Haute Savoie, lowest so far this winter.
  3. Lots of heavy rain tonight, and a single clap of thunder. Very welcome, not least because cycling home earlier this evening was extremely uncomfortable in the muggy conditions, despite a cooler max of 'only' 23c - in previous summers that temperature would have been fairly impressive!
  4. Moderate snow here, potentially a little sleety.
  5. Glasgow Bishopton above freezing (a balmy 0.2c) for the first time since Tuesday as of 10:00, and the city is getting back to some functionality. Trains and rural areas will no doubt take a lot longer!
  6. Harve

    Today’s CET

    For statistical purposes, the 1st runs from 9am today until 9am tomorrow right?
  7. Very difficult to estimate, but I'd say around 20-25cm of snow on the northern edge of Glasgow. Almost a direct hit from the heaviest falls! No doubt the Campsies will have even more.
  8. Sleet showers on and off today in Glasgow but the snowline was down to around 250m on the Kilpatrick hills when darkness fell.
  9. Quite heavy snow here. We on the north side of Glasgow largely missed the bigger falls that fell to the south earlier this week, and also had quite a bit of sleet and rain where others had snow, so this is probably the heaviest of the winter so far.
  10. It was odd leaving home at 6 this morning, cycling in a strangely warm December wind with no need for gloves and then coming home to an icy wind, drenched in sleety rain. This week has been too busy so I had no idea there was something wintry on the horizon until just now.
  11. Probably a little more wintry here towards the edge of Glasgow than in the centre. But mostly wet snow and sleet without ever settling. I didn't manage a peek of the Campsie of Kilpatrick hills - these only reach 400-500m but I'd imagine they'd be quite white.
  12. ^ I can't seem to get rid of a very old quote box above. Finally we've reached some more seasonal temperatures. Although today wasn't a good day to forget to bring gloves. It made for a very cold cycle back home just now.
  13. 6c last night here, and that's barely outside of Glasgow. Winter is coming.
  14. Left a very soggy trip to Derbyshire this morning fully coated up and arrived back in Glasgow, feeling overdressed in the same gorgeous weather that I left on Friday. Currently 9c there and 17c here. Bearing in mind that I've missed a few summers, the last six weeks might just be the most enjoyable spell of weather since moving here in 2012.