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  1. Snow that fell on Tuesday night has only just fully melted in shaded areas this morning. That's quite impressive for an area well within Paris's urban heat island.
  2. Today up in the Derbyshire Peak District had a max of 11.5c so the sub-15 barrier has easily been smashed. It's always strange when I go back to France at the end of August - often leaving in some pretty autumnal weather - and have to reacquaint myself with the idea of another 4-6 weeks of summer. The difference in climate between the French Alps and north west of England seems greatest at this time of year.
  3. After a very warm and dry April that sadly went to waste because of *gestures wildly*, it hasn't really stopped raining in the last 60 hours, and there is still another 24 hours to go. Talk of 200mm in total, which isn't so unusual close to the Mediterranean but would be notable here. Snowline fluctuating wildly between 1500m and 2500m.
  4. Annecy nearly went its first (I think?) winter without lying snow but we have 2cm this morning with just a couple of days of winter left to spare. Unsure of the ground temperature, but it actually managed to settle at a rather warm 4.5c, which of course means that it's also melting quite fast. (fully aware that I'm not at a relevant altitude for skiing, but we share the same weather systems, and in any case the France thread in the international forum is very much dead)
  5. Still too warm for snow down here but plenty of thunder and lightning alongside the rain tonight, which was unexpected, especially for the time of year.
  6. Yep, 18c here over the weekend but a reasonably prolonged return to winter is on the cards. Enneigement en montagne au 19 février 2020 WWW.METEOFRANCE.FR L'hiver 2019-20 se caractérise par une douceur générale remarquable, qui prédominante depuis fin novembre. Du côté des précipitations, après un début... Météo France have updated their snow depth analysis, which shows that the situation is varying degrees of poor across France below 1700m. This confirms my perception, living at the low altitude of 500m. Having said that, in the Alps above 2000m, the snow depths are actually okay in many places. And the kind of stations that are actually visited by Brits often have lifts going above that altitude.
  7. 17c forecast tomorrow. This is at 450m, but it won't be much better at ski resort level. An already mild and drizzly 11c right now, but the real warmth hasn't moved over from the west yet - 26.5c was recorded today in the Basque Country in the southwest of France. You could even call that hot.
  8. No snowfall at all 450m, maybe a dozen or so snowfalls below 1000m. Extremely below average.
  9. Torrential rain at 10c this afternoon which is further bad news, but fortunately it's forecast to get a fair bit colder. Still waiting for the first snowfall since February at 500m.
  10. This foehn is back and has produced some very eerie temperatures for the time of year: 15c yesterday and 16.5c today. Did my bike commute from work in a t-shirt this afternoon. Consequently the mountains look very stripped of snow, even at 1800m, given how loaded they were last week.
  11. It has been around 600-700m today, but followed by a Foehn over the weekend. Temperatures all over the place this week, but for the most part very good news if you like skiing. edit: originally linked an article from 11th November, not today.
  12. 30mm+ of rain at 500m today with a snowline around 1000m today. Much more rain in the south of France, which has caused some pretty severe flooding. The North West Alps haven't benefited as much from the southerly tracking jet, but even so, we look to be having one of the best starts to the season in a while.
  13. A very mild foehn for the last week and mostly dry in the North West Alps, but that should change come Wednesday, without necessarily being that cold (snowline probably around 1500m this week).
  14. Right, yes - I saw '% of 1981-2010 average' but didn't read the small print below!
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