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  1. Pleased to report that at 11c, the rain is warmer today.
  2. 8c in Buxton right now, a temperature around which it's been hovering all day in on-and-off moderate rain and a brisk, cold wind. Not the nicest of days but as far as December goes I've seen worse.
  3. Car thermometer was showing 7.5c in heavy rain this time yesterday in the Peak District. Granted that was at a modest 450m altitude, but that's still a very chilly June daytime temperature.
  4. In England for the first time this year and the weather in the Peak District is pretty uninspiring, showcasing the worst that this country has to offer - grey, drizzly and 6c.
  5. Not even higher slopes... snowline around 600m this morning which is almost as low as you can get around here.
  6. Yep, fresh snow falling down to 1000m over the last three days, giving a return to winter at moderate altitudes. There was (as is normal) nothing more than a few patches when I hiked in the forests up to ~1300m last weekend though, and this is very temporary unless you're at one of the highest resorts.
  7. Fresh falls yesterday mean that the snowline looks to be around 1400m, but today has sleet falling right now at 450m (!) with quite a dump expected at higher altitudes.
  8. The snow has stopped falling, but it had given a good temporary covering down to 1000m or so, and will have greatly supplemented the snowback at higher altitude. Spring is very much back with sunny and warm temperatures on the horizon for the rest of March.
  9. Yep, March is definitely making sure that February's mild - if not warm - weather won't put an early end to the season, at least in the north western alps. An unexpected and rare fall of snow all the way down at 450m right now and even modest altitudes should see an improvement in the conditions.
  10. Quite a lot of rain since my last post but it's been very mild at times. Snowline down to around 2000m but anything below that has been stripped bare by the wind and rain.
  11. Trees covered with snow down to 600-700m in Haute Savoie, lowest so far this winter.
  12. Lots of heavy rain tonight, and a single clap of thunder. Very welcome, not least because cycling home earlier this evening was extremely uncomfortable in the muggy conditions, despite a cooler max of 'only' 23c - in previous summers that temperature would have been fairly impressive!
  13. Glasgow Bishopton above freezing (a balmy 0.2c) for the first time since Tuesday as of 10:00, and the city is getting back to some functionality. Trains and rural areas will no doubt take a lot longer!
  14. For statistical purposes, the 1st runs from 9am today until 9am tomorrow right?
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