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  1. huge flakes and heavy snow for 15 minutes and beginning to stick to the grass
  2. snowing now just west of Derby although too wet on ground to settle
  3. still heavy snow in Derby well just outside Derby 16cm now
  4. well it is still heavy snow just west of Derby some huge snowman built on the local field and looking at the radar more to come have measured it and 13 cm now just over 5 inches
  5. difficult to say here in Derby it has actually got even heavier and gusty winds possibly 4 to 5 inches here in the countryside just west of Derby
  6. wow seriously heavy snow since 1230pm and has pivoted over Derby with plenty to come
  7. continual snow for 3 hours now, heavy then moderate and back to heavy and a lot more to come right out into the North sea
  8. Quite a bit of snow now just west of Derby and the radar shows a line of snow right out to the East coast now coming inland.
  9. crikey looks like a fair amount of snow has fallen overnight in Derby. Radar shows a large area of snow locked in and still coming. This was not forecast last night.
  10. Snowing west of Derby currently and a few more to come via the Cheshire gap the radar shows
  11. Unexpected light covering of snow this morning west of Derby and very cold.
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