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  1. Looked at raintoday and so precipitation which is around Newquay atm may hit Swansea/Neath and west Wales in an hour or 2. Also az its over the sea should bulk up a bit. This is what I can see on raintoday radar.
  2. Just got back in very sleet rain mix out there in East Swansea. Car showed a temp of 3 very cold feel to the air to.
  3. Think they are ramping a bit early in the mod thread. Long way between now and Sunday and many model changes to come.
  4. Wow nothing settled over in lansamlet area. Floor is wet here.
  5. Just got in myself car temp reading 5 and saw gritters out in Swansea centre. Precautionary measure maybe.
  6. Well I think us living in the Swansea area are going to see 0 snow tomorrow. Just to mild at the moment. As for Sunday 50/50 I think. Just don't think the cold is there for dew point and temps to drop. Just my personal thoughts hope to be wrong.
  7. I am in llansamlet and the flakes on that shower were huge. Hope we get some more snow events this winter.
  8. Got snow in East Swansea not a lot but starting to build on cars.
  9. Hail sleet rain mixture in East Swansea now. Welcome back Andy k think the way they issue warnings will have to be reviewed tbh.
  10. Sounds ominous with a possible red warning being issued at some point later in the week after reading that Twitter thread with Derek and Ian Ferguson.
  11. Lol trying to post with a phone is fun when you look back at what is posted.
  12. She Ah but we have s Red warning for Wednesday just look up the thread a bit.
  13. Never seen a Red warning for snow in Swansea that I can remember.
  14. My meio app is giving me light snow in Swansea for Tuesday not showing on warning. Also light snow all day Friday but obviously this is all subject to change. I have seen in the past changes with hours in it to what has been warned about.
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