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  1. There are biased posters of both the mild and cold variety on this forum whom will almost exclusively cherry pick and comment on the charts they wish to verify....their usernames and pen-pictures will often give a heavy hint as which side of the fence they sit on! Plenty of objective and incredibly knowledge folk on here though who offer an objective view
  2. To be fair, I think the penny is beginning to drop....this morning's efforts look fairly limp-wristed to say the least
  3. With a bit of luck those horrible charts will tone down a bit to the extend that a third beast as such wouldn't have the teeth of the last one. I think it's highly likely, though, that the Easter Weather will be cold and unpleasant for most. Strong hints in FI though that the Vortex over Siberia will be weakening/moving away, which is the cause of the issues
  4. It wasn't a dig at anyone who enjoys cold weather....more a rebuke at those gleefully chasing all year round. Glad you enjoyed the snow and the opportunities it presented...unfortunately in my part of the world it wasn't so idyllic
  5. Couldn't have put it better. Thankfully the ECM is trying to urinate on a few bonfires...if it comes to pass then it's a chance for those of us who aspire to having a life to be able to get out and enjoy it
  6. I realise that...it's the 50,000th time you'very mentioned it
  7. Peejayem

    Summer 2017 Discussion

    And I don't understand why some people look forward to the prospect of freezing their nuts off in winter...but each to their own
  8. Just post some more cold charts....should keep the baying mob happy
  9. Since when did you become the self-appointed spokesperson for 'most people'?
  10. "Lovely"....are you for real?
  11. The words 'potential', 'building blocks' and 'a few tweaks' have been the most overly-used words on the MOD thread this winter
  12. It has four runs a day and forecasts out to T384.....would be fairly useless if it wasn't the first to pick the signals up?
  13. Spin it however you like but it doesn't imply decent snowfall for the vast majority.Being cold for colds sake does not excite me particularly