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  1. I realise that...it's the 50,000th time you'very mentioned it
  2. Summer 2017 Discussion

    And I don't understand why some people look forward to the prospect of freezing their nuts off in winter...but each to their own
  3. Just post some more cold charts....should keep the baying mob happy
  4. Since when did you become the self-appointed spokesperson for 'most people'?
  5. "Lovely"....are you for real?
  6. The words 'potential', 'building blocks' and 'a few tweaks' have been the most overly-used words on the MOD thread this winter
  7. It has four runs a day and forecasts out to T384.....would be fairly useless if it wasn't the first to pick the signals up?
  8. Spin it however you like but it doesn't imply decent snowfall for the vast majority.Being cold for colds sake does not excite me particularly
  9. Congratulations....your humour bypass operation has been a 100% success
  10. Seems like he's saying he thinks February will be a fairly average month....he may be right, he may be wrong. Not really sure why you're getting so upset with his post.
  11. "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" or "My World and Welcome To It"?
  12. I have plenty of hobbies and pastimes, thank you. I wasn't the one moaning about how the time of year hampers my pursuit of them
  13. Presumably you mean for for potential afterwards, because to my untrained eye it looks like a SW flow with rather mild temperatures