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  1. Hello everyone, It's Valentine's Day and it's nice to see the BBC give snow some love today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-47213992/how-snowboarding-became-a-sport
  2. Still a good 2 inches of snow here in sheltered spots, which firmed up with the overnight frost. Here's two pics of New Ash Green sports field, one taken on Thursday afternoon and the other on Friday night of the rugby training area and petanque pistes - not much training took place though! If you're you're looking for a fix of more weather drama, turn your attention to the winter storm moving through California at the moment. This has EVERYHING - torrential flooding rain, mudslides, six feet of mountain snow, thunderstorms and a tornado - can't say I'm not jealous! People have been ordered to stay in their homes in the tornado area and have been evacuated from flooded areas. I'm following this via the NWS Los Angeles twitter feed. the PCH mentioned in the screenshot here is the Pacific Coast Highway, this is the equivalent of the North or South circular being shut.
  3. Here's a snow/ice cover map of Europe for Sunday. Once again the Southern half of Britain and Eire fared particularly well. There's been 17 days of snow cover in this location so far this winter, not exceptional (2009 and 2010 had 25 - 30 days) but well above average.
  4. Just been for a walk round the block because I didn't want to miss out on the pleasure of thick granular snizzle hitting me in the face repeatedly. Interestingly enough this fine snow is settling in certain places it failed to yesterday, presumably because the ground has cooled. Here's a pic of New Ash Green sports ground, there was a really grey sheen looking into the middle distance when I took this.
  5. Good covering here, noticeable how windy it is already. Snow's really sticking to walls, fences and hedges. Looking forward to the streamer later on
  6. Earlier today I spotted the last remnants of lying snow here - here are the remains of what was a 2ft snow bank on the edge of New Ash Green sports field. Also note this snow/ice map of Europe for last Sunday. Pretty extraordinary to see a 99% covering of snow for the British Isles in March.
  7. Light fading here, I expect this snow to keep well into tomorrow. Spare a thought for those hard-pressed Local Authority Highways Emergency Teams (gritters), many of whom will have been on 72 - 96hr shifts by Saturday. I hope they're in line for some huge bonuses
  8. Just back from a session on the Kentish alps. The North Downs have a Bruegel feel to them at the moment - low cloud, grey, misty, gentle fine snow falling. Apologies about the low-res nature of the pic.
  9. Just listening to the radio - the biggest UK snow depth recorded yesterday was 51cm in St Athan (happy St David's Day). Aimee Fuller has just arrived back from Pyeongchang and took to the streets of London to do some impromptu slopestyle with the aid of some TRX gym bands to toe her in. Exciting times! Temps seem to be dropping here, fingers X'ed the main band of precip is snow later
  10. That will be quite a ramp if you're using a big earthworking machine @winterfreak , the latest graphics on the MetOffice forecast suggest the shower train will come south of the river from 3pm onwards so hopefully you'll have plenty to play with
  11. Just come back from a morning on the board in the fields near Ash (NW Kent). Such a beautiful day, most snow since 2010. It's good to be alive
  12. Simply stunning morning here! Another 1 inch top up, snow depth is now around 6 inches. I notice that the 10 day forecast suggests snow all the way out to Tuesday - a major upgrade in terms of prolonging the cold . . .
  13. Just been for a walk out in the fields and took some pics. I crossed one road which still had hard-packed snow on it despite being gritted TWICE. I should imagine roads are like this all across mid-Kent, SE Essex and East Sussex right now, so the weather warnings were warranted. Even if this is not a deep snow event for all, this spell will be notable for the prolonged and deep COLD. If the breakdown occurs on Saturday it will have lasted nine days here. Currently moderate snow.
  14. Further to the concern shown by many on this thread about the homeless during the upcoming cold spell, The Mayor of London has just put out this tweet encouraging people to donate to various homeless charities, the full link is: https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/well-never-turn-our-backs-rough-sleepers?source=vanityurl Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!
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