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  1. 18+degC at home this afternoon. Scottish record broken. Only seems like a few days since the last of the large snowman in the back garden melted. Enjoying the early warmth while we have it. Not removing the winter wheels yet though.
  2. Still a good cover in place here. View a couple of miles from the house on the way home tonight. Icy roads in the mornings last couple of days at -4c with water run off freezing overnight.
  3. Good days sledging today. View of Mount Keen in the distance. Just over 3,000ft peak.
  4. Difficult driving conditions on the way home from work. Sunny all day kingswells. This was the back road home to avoid the chaos on the roads around Deeside Aboyne. Good snow cover at home for sledging etc....
  5. -11.5C leaving Aboyne for work this morning. Hoping the Lecht or Glenshee get a wee top up soon to kick off the skiing season properly. Snow cover still looking thin at higher altitudes on the East side of the Cairngorms.
  6. Aboyne -8.5C min overnight and 5cm fresh snow in the early hours. No new snow at kingswells overnight. Fun drive to work - nothing like cutting first tracks through the snow with 4wd and winter tyres.
  7. Same here for Aboyne although still got a fair snow cover in place from last week and down to -7c this morning when I hit the road for work. Hoping the Lecht gets a good dumping over the next 10 days or so as planning a mornings skiing early Feb. Should be good cover in place by then. Only the magic carpet and Robin open today - shocking.
  8. It's at the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve. Nice walks through forrests with left over huge glacial boulders. The vat was carved out by melt water during the last ice age. There is a small tourist building at the car park that is left open for visitors to enter and read up on all the wildlife and history of the area. Well worth a visit. We're there a good few times a year as only 5min up the road. Great for all ages but entrance to the vat itself requires a little navigation over some rocks that a stream runs through - very icy today. Will head up for some more winter photos when we get our next dump of snow.
  9. Trip a couple of miles along the road to the burn'o'vat today. Scenery is always great there but winter is the best.
  10. Fantastic scenery today while out the house for a 6.5km jog. Another ice day and haven't seen any obvious snow loss. Photos taken close to coo cathedral back road that passes Aboyne Castle.
  11. Aye nice view to have on the commute. I take the Tarland route home most days to see the view towards lochnagar from queens view. Fantastic scenery when the whole area is white.
  12. Is that Bennachie in the top photo? Currently -1C in aboyne. Was -9.4c at 5am. Plan to head out jogging with the sledge again this evening. 4yr old loving it.
  13. -9degC leaving home for work today but roads in good order now.
  14. Underestimated snow depth above. Up to 4in deep across the back garden tonight. Snow too powdery for snowmen or snowballs with our 4yr old. Still I got my exercise and he got plenty smiles with me out for a jog pulling him on the sledge. Maybe my expectations are too high but I reckon 1-2ft of snow here by the end of next week. We did well last March and given the synoptics showing at the moment we could end up with a decent spell of winter arriving three weeks following the SSW. According to the previous owners of our house in Aboyne there was 3-4ft snow in the back garden in Dec 2010 and the roof gutters were ripped down. Builders doubled up on gutter supports when they fixed all the houses in the cul-de-sac. No problems last March except for walls of snow from gritters keeping roads clear. The Scottish ski centres will be busy shortly.
  15. Couple of inches snow in Aboyne. No melt during daylight hours. Interesting commute to Kingswells this morning leaving the house 5.50am. My 4wd golf and winter tyres did the job well as usual but witnessed a few folk skidding on glass like ice near Westhill and off the road with no control whatsoever. -2C at the moment and expect -5C or lower overnight with the snow cover here.
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