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  1. Might not be worth the investment if changing the car soon. Check the book or door plate that show tyre pressures. I would imagine it will tell you what M&S tyres to fit and pressure required. I've been fitting winter wheels myself since winter 2010 and have never looked back. I change the wheels over myself Oct/Nov and Mar/Apr. Spreads the wear across two sets of tyres designed for summer and winter. Winter tyres are also very good in the wet even if no snow. Check tyre reviews before buying as cheap winter tyres might disappoint (especially wet handling). I've found winter tyres to be so good that I'll take back roads in heavy snow to avoid traffic - roads that most folk avoid in snow.
  2. Just received my Dunlop winter sport 5s today on winter alloys. Also used Dunlop winter sport 3 and vredestein snowtrac 3. Both are very good winters. Night and day different to summer tyres.
  3. Mr T

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    I've had enough of the weather in Aberdeen after 18 yrs of city centre living. Harr in summer and rain in winter is depressing. Moving to Aboyne where summers are warm & sunny and winters can be brutal. Was up at Glenshee today for a drive. Great day to test out the quattro and winter tires.