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  1. Sad events unfolding in Tunisia. WTF is wrong with these people.

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    2. Daniel*


      I went to Tunisia in 2009 near that resort... Awful these extremists need to be exterminated

    3. Steve C

      Steve C

      This isn't going to be sorted in my lifetime, or most other people's either. It mostly links to the Wahhabi movement, which started in the 18th Century. It is hardly a minor movement either. Very popular in some Middle Eastern countries... Hopefully science will erode this Stone Age ideology, but not for ages and ISIS type hydra heads will keep spouting from the Wahhabi body.

    4. AIRMET


      By saying you're not going to go on holiday to a certain country because there might be a terrorist attack, basically means they've won. They're slowly taking away your freedom.

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