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  1. Does anybody know a quick way to refresh your screen on a Samsung Galaxy? I've always gone to previous page and back again. It's a pain.
  2. The road around the entrance to the prison was looking fantastic a couple of hours ago but I know they've had loads more since then. A lovely hot chocolate and tea cakes for breakfast sat by the fire at the Two Bridges looking out at the snow. Absolute bliss. ??
  3. Is that in Bude? Love it when Cornwall gets snow and I don't even live there. You Cornish peeps have more than your fair share of disappointment.
  4. I feel your pain Sherrie. Thought I had a bit less than a cm this morning, which is pretty sad but now it's light, I can see it's only a dusting ??? but there is still hope for us later apparently. Keep the faith. ??
  5. Absolutely ECM. Surprised you've even got to think about it. I disowned both of mine by the age of ten. Netweather is the only snow family I've got left now ???
  6. Thanks ECM. I'd really like to do a bit better than 2 weeks ago. Here on SW Dartmoor we ended up with a light dusting due to high winds. I was gutted. ??
  7. I'm not liking the look of that gap over Devon and Cornwall. Someone please tell me it's early and we're still going to get hammered later.
  8. I switched the security light on to see a very disappointing <1cm this morning, wasnt really worth getting out of bed for. However, I did notice a black shadow hiding in the bush. The cat flap had frozen solid and both cats were locked out. Like me, they're used to home comforts and it's bloody freezing out there. One now snuggled on the duvet, one still snuggled in the snow somewhere ??❄??❄
  9. Bright and breezy here. Time to drag the teenage daughter off the sofa for a walk and some fresh air. She's playing dead at the moment. Glad to hear some snow reports. Keep them coming.
  10. Fantastic looking tank Mapantz. I've got a tiny 47L but I'm just a beginner so that's enough for me to manage. When we had Beast 1 a couple of weeks ago our power was on and off like crazy. The house got freezing so I wrapped the little things in a blanket. In their tank of course ???
  11. Just wanted to say a huge thanks guys for the entertainment this winter. I don't post much as my forecasting skills consist of opening the window and seeing which way the clouds are moving but I love the fact that most of the crazy people on this site share the same dream against all odds of it ever coming true, until now!!! Outsiders just really don't get it. Anyway, I hope you all managed to get what you wanted and that it'll give you renewed enthusiasm for next winter. Love the photos by the way.
  12. Was that the Walkhampton or The Royal Oak FK? We live on the Yelverton Meavy boundary, so thought we'd pop down the oak for a quick one, it's not too far from our house and seeing as the Princetown road was clear today and it had rained most of the day, I thought we'd be fine. How wrong was I? With brother-in-law driving in the dark we ended up in a field, took forever to get ourselves out and facing the right direction . The road to Meavy was completely blocked, I think a large drift had collapsed, but it was the same height as the hedge, so in the dark it looked like the road bent around, turned out it was the entrance to the field. Luckily hubby knows the road well and realised before we dug ourselves too deep. Ended up at the Rock instead. Not quite the same. So sad to see our lovely snow melting. ??
  13. Sorry for delay. I'm not sure where exactly but he did message to say he got there safely. Yes I know they were stopping people going up on the moor, but my neighbours didn't seem to think that included them for some reason! ??
  14. Thanks Snowponies, my son is heading out to Mary Tavy in a car with some friends. They are not experienced drivers. So I'm pretty worried. The joys of being a parent.
  15. Fantastic pictures, must have been amazing and scary all in one. You wouldn't happen to know how the stretch from Tavistock to Mary Tavy is tonight would you?
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