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    Kiveton Park, South Yorkshire. ( 95 mtrs asl ).
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    Enjoying the weather, in many worldwide ( holiday ) places. From Antarctica/Chile to Canada to Australia..
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    I love the seasonal periods of the year, ( in their extremes - of course ).

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  1. Some great thunderstorms passing overhead, stretching out now, towards Worksop & Retford. Frequent lightning & long booming thunder ?
  2. Thundersnow in South East Sheffield, 4 flashes of lightning with thunder.. Excellent ?
  3. Although it's not been a particularly cold/memorable winter so far.. ? It sort of feels weird, not to look at the incoming band of rain at the moment - and try not to work out the ( dewpoint/850s/height ) etc.. for snow to fall. Never seem too have an intensity issue, when it's plain old rain that falls ?
  4. Good screen grab. We now have the same intensity here in Kiveton Park. This could be this cold spell's last hurrah ? So a lot is resting on this..
  5. Was showing -7'c at 6.30 with light snizzle falling, leaving lovely scenes everywhere
  6. What a Fab morning so far. Temperature around -4'c with light/moderate snow & a good 3" layer on the ground. Radar looks good for here till midday at least ?
  7. Roughly a 1 cm covering here now with every shower, and they're lining up ? Happy days ?️ ?
  8. Looks good for the next 60 - 90 mins. All the false promises of the last 2 days, has suddenly decided to right itself ?️ We know that the weather isn't the end of world - but - it's almost the end of winter ( so are now desperate for a little bit of disruption ). Hope this evening.. Delivers ?
  9. Shower incoming.. Looks decent around Doncaster at the moment Keep the faith ?️
  10. After 36 hrs of ' The Beast ' being more like a Kitten.. This afternoon has been awesome & with a radar grab @ 7pm being as good as it is ?️? Southeast Sheffield has at least 4 showers incoming ? So possibly another inch on a late winter ' icy night '.. ( Crack open another beer ) ?
  11. Should change in the next hour as the sun drops. Big showers incoming ?️
  12. Same here. 48 yrs old & glued to the radar like an excitable child. ?
  13. Hope so ? Bit of a gap behind it, looking on Sat 24.. Fingers crossed for a rapid drop in temps near sunset ??
  14. 2nd heavy shower in the last 45 mins in Southeast Sheffield. Keep em coming ?
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