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    Kiveton Park, South Yorkshire. ( 95 mtrs asl ).
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    Enjoying the weather, in many worldwide ( holiday ) places. From Antarctica/Chile to Canada to Australia..
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    I love the seasonal periods of the year, ( in their extremes - of course ).

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  1. Some great thunderstorms passing overhead, stretching out now, towards Worksop & Retford. Frequent lightning & long booming thunder
  2. Thundersnow in South East Sheffield, 4 flashes of lightning with thunder.. Excellent
  3. Although it's not been a particularly cold/memorable winter so far.. ? It sort of feels weird, not to look at the incoming band of rain at the moment - and try not to work out the ( dewpoint/850s/height ) etc.. for snow to fall. Never seem too have an intensity issue, when it's plain old rain that falls
  4. Good screen grab. We now have the same intensity here in Kiveton Park. This could be this cold spell's last hurrah ? So a lot is resting on this..
  5. Was showing -7'c at 6.30 with light snizzle falling, leaving lovely scenes everywhere
  6. What a Fab morning so far. Temperature around -4'c with light/moderate snow & a good 3" layer on the ground. Radar looks good for here till midday at least ?
  7. Roughly a 1 cm covering here now with every shower, and they're lining up Happy days
  8. Looks good for the next 60 - 90 mins. All the false promises of the last 2 days, has suddenly decided to right itself We know that the weather isn't the end of world - but - it's almost the end of winter ( so are now desperate for a little bit of disruption ). Hope this evening.. Delivers
  9. Shower incoming.. Looks decent around Doncaster at the moment Keep the faith
  10. After 36 hrs of ' The Beast ' being more like a Kitten.. This afternoon has been awesome & with a radar grab @ 7pm being as good as it is Southeast Sheffield has at least 4 showers incoming ? So possibly another inch on a late winter ' icy night '.. ( Crack open another beer )
  11. Should change in the next hour as the sun drops. Big showers incoming
  12. Same here. 48 yrs old & glued to the radar like an excitable child.
  13. Hope so ? Bit of a gap behind it, looking on Sat 24.. Fingers crossed for a rapid drop in temps near sunset
  14. 2nd heavy shower in the last 45 mins in Southeast Sheffield. Keep em coming
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