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  1. Thanks. I will reward you with a photo of a strange coloured sky and a traffic jam in Motherwell!
  2. Sorry for asking the obvious but is this keeping up all night? That commute from kilmarnock to Motherwell was brutal and I will start looking into taking the train if conditions are similar tomorrow :-D
  3. Motherwell town centre. A rare site.
  4. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Is it just me or does that big thing over the Outer Hebrides look like it is coming right for the Central Belt? Have things swung more NW now?
  5. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Motherwell may be about to take a direct hit from a longish looking shower
  6. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Hiya, is there a time when this is going to start affecting more Northern areas and we can see what this bad boy has in store for those of us further South? I enjoy tracking these kinds of things as they make their way across the country. Am I right in saying that, right now, everything is in the lap of the Gods and it's just plain old luck (or lack of it) when it comes to trying to forecast snow from something like this? I face a commute from Motherwell to Kilmarnock in the morning which I am expecting to be fine, it is the return journey in the evening that I am a little nervous about. Good luck everyone that wants snow
  7. was that junction 4ish? Very slow this morning but I saw no accidents apart from a wee 2 car bump. I've got to brave the road in the morning unless schools start getting shut, unlikely!
  8. Random Time Lapses

    how would I add music to this?
  9. Twitchy feet in bed, anyone know how to stop it happening?



      Amputation tends to cure it.

    2. BARRY


      get out :-)

    3. Jan
  10. Preparing to play the soccer saturday drinking game

  11. Dear mr sandman, I would love a full night's sleep without waking up 6 or 7 times, thanks, your friend, stuart xxx

  12. See the mcgills bus to dunoon, where does it leave from? Are you allowed to get it from glasgow and just get off at braehead?

  13. I think I'm the first non working person up in scotland today, go me.

  14. Don't suppose anyone has a spare dell laptop power cable thing they want to part with for a little cash?!

  15. Little chef in kilmarnock has closed down, a sad day for ayrshire fans of the knickerbocker glory

    1. Jan


      don't know how true it is but I've been told they have all gone!no more all day mega breakfasts either :(