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  1. So they have, great work huntforsnow ? ! Thanks.
  2. I can't find anything anywhere to suggest this? Can you give me a link or something ? cheers.
  3. Is that the party over now for the central belt? Anyone know of any other action over the next few days? It's turning all dirty in Motherwell now.
  4. I've worked it out. Anything going over Penicuick will reach us in Motherwell. Come on Penicuick, get your act together!
  5. I'm hoping that big long one you guys to the south of Edinburgh are getting is going to make it to Motherwell, think it's just going to skirt us to the north though, does anyone else find themselves spending an unhealthy amount of time trying to track showers and replaying the previous hour over and over to try and convince themselves it will track over them? It's infuriatingly addictive.
  6. Cheers, I was wanting to go a bit further round the town but my wife made me promise not to go out in the car!
  7. If you are still up and able to do so and it is safe to do so you should get out a wee walk just now, it's beautiful. Very rare to have the streets to myself and unlike anything I've ever seen in Motherwell before.
  8. I'm pinning my hopes on that lad there that I've circled coming over the red dot. Hope nobody else is wanting it.
  9. I think the good people of Motherwell need a slight change in wind direction or strength. The last couple of hours have seen things miss is to the north and south or dissipate just before they reach us.
  10. I'm sitting in my in law's in Carfin tracking that bad boy! Guaranteed them it would be snowing by 2015, getting nervous now!
  11. Yep, down at the dalziel building. Hoping to wake up to something decent in the morning.
  12. Weakening now, that was a fast moving shower, think that's it for a couple of hours now.
  13. Photos taken 9 minutes apart. The wee uncovered patch in the car park covered up really quickly and the road white now.
  14. The multi coloured blob has reached Motherwell and is giving decent snow.
  15. That red bit near the top is heading directly for me, hope it makes it here and is snow.
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