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  1. The weather overpowers everything, nothing can stop what nature throws at us. I do worry what happens if the flood waters (incl ground water) continues to rise. Someone said not long a go what if it was all snow.. well makes us think the thinking behind those movie ideas like day after tmw.... (ppl on mobiles quite normal CB! we all do that and some walking while texting not looking!)
  2. Correct to some degree! imagine the Atlantic Jet, cold north, warm south, middle=heavy weight power storms>>>>driven at 200mph to our shores.... imagine the feature today cold/trough front cold air rushing behind it, milder air ahead clash bang====violent atmospheric disturbances>>>>winds mixed change direction... boom explosive energized squall line...... That was very much more widespread and explosive than expected... the speed of this feature meant rain totals would not expectedly meet warning criteria, for the winds? 60-70mph reported on the data around our regi
  3. Damage from the severe squall.Reported to me from a very reliable witness to the weather. Esher/Hersham area (Surrey) They were driving at the time, violent rain, damaging gusts and streak lightning (as most of us experienced) but marble size hail the larger marble size (estimated) Several trees down, one on west end lane, another on the Esher hill at Portsmouth rd was explained as exploded like damage, inside of trees scattered around the road. Reported trees down at other locations on their journey, the Byfleet area think said Byfleet rd trees down. Traffic was solid. Said of my exper
  4. Experienced one of the most severe violent squalls ever!!! TnL too, was amazing, and the wind gusts were severe likely 50-70mph gusts!
  5. The extremely violent squall not long ago went through my area Stanwell (next to Heathrow AP) planes were grounded during this didn't notice any taking off. This was so violent and torrential one of the most severe have experienced, the winds estimated 50-70mph gusts and appeared to have had damaging potential, were very noisy on roof, and trees were violently moving Also lightning several flashes, and on the back edge, sounded like thunder heard as distance rumbles. Lots of surface flooding right now. This potentially damaging squall line heading through the Southeast now, arriving
  6. Couldn't update the today would have spread the L1 into the central south and southeast (map has a watch!) The extremely violent squall not long ago went through my area Stanwell (next to Heathrow AP) planes were grounded during this didn't notice any taking off. This was so violent and torrential one of the most severe have experienced. The wind estimated 50-70mph gusts and appeared to have damaging potential. Also lightning several flashes, sounded like thunder heard. Lots of surface flooding right now. This potentially damaging squall line heading through the Southeast now, arriving
  7. To those that don't know what the data/info means I would advise that when viewing the model thread to ask questions, theres always posters happy to answer, or you could just look words up on the Internet, there's also a learning area on the forum and this is for advanced users too and has some very technical threads. But most ppl probably just want a simple explanation of the charts without any techy bits, I understand that!
  8. Yes we need to arrive at Sunday night first, then the models/data would likely have a better idea of next week. My personal view point on this is only mild flirts, I cannot imagine the Scandi high losing grip not the characteristic of such a situation that we have now. From experience with set ups unfolding like the oncoming there is great uncertainty, therefore no one I expect can say for certain what the late next week would bring...
  9. This is how it probably goes, could see some squally showers later today>>>>>>turning much more cold this eve/tonight>>>>>bit milder as storm system moves in tmw (this is a cold storm not double figures u would expect usually) heavy rainfall and gales here>>>>>turning cold with wintry sleet or wet snowy showers Mon>>>>>>from then on wintry cold weather setting in for possibly one week>>>>>>>Model thread decoded=====cold spell yes length of wintry blast unsure..................................................
  10. Just a quick post here. Cold front/trough moving south/southeast bringing band of heavy rain and showers some very squally, thundery with hail thunder, possible sleet or snow most likely hills north. Done an alert map based on this situation, after checking recent accumulated ppn data and ppn hourly runs, and latest radar. Bit different from usual maps I do as is for the progress of the front and the risk of heavy sudden downpours on it's journey S/SE. Have put a L1 watch for the far south. Are do an update later if the front affects here more than the data is suggesting at the moment.
  11. I see there is a convective outlook on UKWW for Saturday. Mention of possible low level snow moving south on this feature to affect the south by evening time (think read this bit on NW forecast) so an interesting day for hail,sleet and even snow falling, maybe thunder to MO mention this.
  12. Must be snow in the forecast... noticed just how busy NW gets when the cold and snow is on the horizon!! Image to show what the bottom of main page looks like right now! over 1200 online now!! (purposely blurred as images can get spread about, only fair to do this)
  13. Can I just show this after reading some posts about the MetO forecasts, this updated earlier.. Expect from looking at the increasingly exciting (cold) FAX charts that an upgrade (if you like) coming soon. See no reason that this cold and snowy snap or spell.. is going to not be anything but just that! The signs been building over the last say 2 wks or so with more occluded fronts on the FAX's and the building Scandi high. Seeing such a deep low BLOCKED from entering the Northeastern territory they usually head up too then that is really quite something!
  14. Exciting times ahead for cold fans! those "sliding lows" are gonna drop se like a bobsleigh down an ice track!
  15. Interesting CK are read later ^^ Just before I go this proves everything and is real, don't even ask the file number in the heavy rain and flood alert map folder!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly says it all. saying that some years late snow can come and be deep and a wintry time to come next week, so time to dust down the sledges .. well ... at least know where they are to buy!
  16. Friday 24 January (today) Current radar image 415am: Persistent heavy rain now affecting Ireland, SW England and into South Wales, edge of this rain is as far as east Wiltshire and west Hampshire, stretching up over western areas into the west of Scotland. Scattered Temperature reports at about 440am: Aberdeen -2C, Shap(north) 1C , Belfast 5C, Mumbles Head(southwest) 7C, Plymouth 8C, London Heathrow AP 3C, Norwich -1C, East Midlands 2C, Thorney Island(south coast) 4C. Milder air moving into the SW, colder air hangs on over the east side UK. Thickness 850/1000hpa 1800hrs: C
  17. Thursday 23 January (today) Latest radar: Line of heavy rain showers some downpours, possibly wintry, containing sleet or snow over the hills in north moving east. Areas affected at the moment are south/central Wales and down into the SW (north coast moslty) the west side of northern England and the NW, Scotland, showers over Ireland and N.Ireland. Rain forecast today: band of heavy showers with some wintry especially on the hills in the north (snow to lower ground possible over west/northwest of Scotland) showers/rain moving to east side of UK clearing to scattered showers apart
  18. Some serious weather events in development. Stayed tuned to tv, radio and the Internet. Don't like to have to say this but some very disruptive weather in the days ahead to affect all areas at some point and at varied times.

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      What's on the way? I thought it was just rain!

  19. http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=en&MENU=0000000000&CONT=ukuk&MODELL=gfs&MODELLTYP=1&BASE=-&VAR=t85p&HH=168&ARCHIV=0&PANEL=0&ZOOM=0&PERIOD=
  20. It might be to cold out there soon for a Feast ice lolly... lol!! But maybe could have a FEASTERLY feasterly's are very tasty they come from the east and taste of snow plenty available soon... So a tasty snowy feasterl'y could arrive soon.... (image edit took a while lol had to copy edit bits of text!)
  21. Some not much talked about very convective based action on the way, starting this morning I found out! Bet this thread be rolling when it arrives later! Before that though take a look at these incredible photos of storms...also interesting article. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140122-storms-as-never-seen-before
  22. Yes very much a concern and a fear is that the rain storms (and windstorm) ahead are likely to result in a flash flood very quickly, I think the possibility of as bad if not worse for some areas than the late Dec floods is there, unfortunately.
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