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  1. This sounds exciting to watch but would likely set off something huge in the media and possibly a mass scare/fear in some areas around the world especially in areas that do not get much news and so not know it's a hoax. Certainly going to be interesting though. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/-alien-invasion--to-launch-in-april---but--ufos--will-be-glowing-drones-piloted-by-hoaxers-084204169.html#1tDDf4z - Yahoo news. Read some other information on this project or experiment: http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/world-wide-false-flag-ufo-event-planned.html This is a quite concern
  2. There's a band of rain continuing crossing the country tonight some heavy with very gusty conditions or gales so some added local surface water could be an issue in places. Keeping watch for some heavy showers Thursday but main concern is a potent small feature moving across the south Thursday night/Friday: The problem from this low for south UK is rainfall (affecting England and Wales) sleet and snow is possible with the system and it is all precipitation falling onto saturated and flooded ground, if the snow does settle if it happens then so something rather different for the south, b
  3. As most of you do, I watch a lot of movies, usually the films I watch have varied ratings and looking at these ratings/certs I've found that some are under-rated, from a personal point of view that is, after watching the film of course. After a recent viewing I am surprised by the content v rating on the case, the particular DVD contained threatening violent images, disturbing bldy images, guns and knifes in use, the rating is a 12, - UK(light red disk), but an Internet search reveals the film as a PG-13.. This rating I think is still to soft, intense violence should not be viewed or heard by
  4. Apologies for the lack of updates in this thread most of the chat/posts has been in the local threads and Atlantic storm threads and I was to unwell to post, to do the alert maps and forecasts. Recent rain/wind events have very much been a lot to keep up with with everyone involved in the crisis, it must have been very hard work too for the forecasters, I had not seen so many warnings out so frequently. At this stage I'm not going to input to much and not the alert maps as before, although I might get back to doing them it may only be alert maps for southern counties due to not having
  5. On my visits to Staines-Upon-Thames in Surrey over the last few weeks it was difficult to avoid the flood waters, it was really serious in places. And it wasn't only the rivers that flooded roads and housing estates, it was ground water, and the drains were spewing out water it had no where to go but to the surface, nothing really could be done to stop this coming out, such a great pressure forcing the water anywhere it go release. On my journeys I took some photos so here is a selection all taken at Staines town and the boarders surrounding the main town. All photos are my own. (have
  6. Hi all not been on to post for a few weeks but have been reading some of the forum. Certainly been an incredible period of events over the weeks. Have seen the floods for real in and around Staines, are post some pics, never seen flooding like it. (have changed profile name/image was Electricsnowstorm)

  7. Quick post just adding an alert map here, based on accumulated ppn up to Saturday midnight: Smaller image size:
  8. Apologies for not being able to update the thread, usually I do the rain maps with interest and have had to miss doing so due to throat infection, just to tired and weak to do a forecast. But if I did you could probably imagine a lot of yellow even orange/amber on the map!
  9. Not been on to post updates or in heavy rain watch thread due to the throat infection, feel awful!!! Got some pics of the recent flooding these photos are (London rd) Staines-Upon-Thames. The digger here last week now there are (or at least was) on Saturday two digger/jcb's on top of the reservoir pulling up something from the water perhaps highering the banks I don't know just a guess! they were working down towards the Stanwell area, massive reservoir's, someway o looking over the top but not at the moment! Some time last wk when were affected by one of the downpours was a h
  10. Certainly a great concern and also must not forget any snow goes melted into the rivers and streams!
  11. Just a quick post not time now but lots going on over the next few days. For today widespread spells of showery rain and some prolonged/persistent rain at times, some of the rain heavy. The heaviest rain looks likely over the east of Scotland and probably central Scotland too with some large ppn totals here. Some persistent rain for the SE and it's over Kent that some of the highest falls of rain are indicated but also a pulse of large accumulations over the southeast Dorset area from a line of heavy persistent showers. So most places seeing some rain or showers some heavy downpours. Sleet
  12. Yeah just got a nice snap of an Huge icy anvil and fluffy topped too! (over Heathrow ap way north sky) right now very convective skies building up.. the flow is setting up for some interesting weather I think!
  13. Looking like a day of widespread chained heavy showers, these lasting into and overnight tonight, some large totals are possible some showers prolonged with a risk of flooding or increased flood problems. Some areas missing the worst not everyone getting the downpours or at least not to many. The orange zones (on my alert map) are the high risk areas for the largest accm rain, but not all of the covered zones expected to get the heavy rain totals, within the orange zones some areas seeing up to 20mm, but possibly more and up to 30-40mm perhaps a few spots up to 60mm, this most likely o
  14. Yes the Lifted index just in the Thunderstorm level for the SW today (yellow) wouldn't be surprised to see a right old mix of elements today, low pressure, cold air up there and down here so who know more wild downpours! (in intensity and prolonged nature) did someone mention sleet and hail?....
  15. The summer 2013 was quite thundery at times here and more night storms than have been over the years, so I think was much better than recent years, possibly a sign things are getting back to 'normal' thundery plumes possibly returning properly, they need to change track more north sending some MCS's right up north too. It's the deep south plumes we haven't been getting.
  16. Difference is were having big thunderstorms during the winter time!!!!
  17. OnThurs at least what does fall would be real snow so I expect some easy dustings from the light stuff at least. if only some stronger instability more moisture/temps, saying that some years things have changed on the day/night with at least some light snow streamers forming! Interesting week.
  18. Hi all been to busy to post going to take a look at the rainfall situation, I see there are warnings out for the downpours, hope to do a post on the rain in rainwatch later.. Many photos from the Saturday storm squall and I found one of a said large hail stone. Made an animation/effects image from the hail stone as looked very spooky sitting there on the table! and they didn't say the storms/m-tornadoes/clouds looked like they were something from a Spielberg movie for nothing! .. (was only a quick effects/frames job if spent more time would have aliens popping out and stuff!!) Clos
  19. Had a play with one of those dodgy red malicious site warning pages, that came on.....
  20. What is on the way is **coldmild** yep joined these together, (arrrr be friends!) what I really meant is Atlantic storms usually bring double figures temps(at least at first)... well no not this one and to splash purple all over these regions tonight as soon as the back arrrsss of the rain pulls away (mean back arrrrs in a respectful way with the rain coz we want some snow so shift on plzzzz..) just sayin the cold back edge and air following is very different to what we would normally get.... Really we are looking at potentially heavy snow showers tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Only have time now to do a post to put on a map. So much going on with the weather got everything possible over the next 24-36hrs at least. Atlantic storm today bringing widespread heavy rainfall to affect all areas, snow over the north and the wintry risk moves south with the even colder air this evening arriving in the south too. Gales to severe gale winds south, severe to storm force north-see Atlantic thread. My alert map here: Note: my alert map is for rain/ppn and the associated flooding, map based on mostly ppn accm model data up to early hours Mon. The threads around
  22. My phone is a few years old! I use the Internet on computers, the mobile used some times when out for reading the forums. --- Have great concerns with the flood situation is set to worsen as more rain on the way. Something that struck me is the new Environmental Agencies new flood risk map of the reservoirs - http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/default.aspx I know that if waters breached the banks over the top or even worse...that flooding would obviously happen around and locally, but alarming looking at the map and how wide this can stretch, almost to the outskirts of Heathr
  23. I was just thinking about how much lighting there was and how it kept going for so long and heading southeast!! the tstorms during the Spring/Summer season head up from France and towards the southeast and veer off to the right usually clipping Kent... yet it is January and tstorms head into the SE from the northwest!!!
  24. Just to add to this I reported in local thread Saturday eve. Reports of several large trees and many large branches down from the storm squall over the Hersham, Esher areas and up through Byfleet and Weybridge. Large marble size hail was seen at Hersham/Esher area, was said to have been from fingernail size up to thumbnail, which is pretty rare around Surrey!
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