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  1. BBC, just watched incredible night tornado lit up by lightning!

  2. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/ - can load on your computers if main site (lappys / deskies version ..) slow to load

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      can also load on computers

  3. Merry Christmas! have a good day everyone

  4. Alot to read on NW but I must recommend the Blog on El-Nino., very Interesting! this event could continue to bring some interesting weather. I expect that some arctic cold spells often some severe inbetween Altantic lows/storms, Dec cold spell possible, then late winter easterly/ne flows..

    1. karyo


      Which blog is that?

  5. Some fairly new data: enso_evolution-status-fcsts-web.pdf
  6. I feel that this late autumn/ winters one of the the most interesting to study, more likely then not i feel also one of the top 10 most interesting winters to come
  7. COLD WIND but Not quite a FREEZTERLY! but we may get one eventually

    1. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      Those swans give me hope. The earliest arrival for over 30 years!

  8. Have been looking at the data and am thinking about doing a LRF. It's looking very interesting, the developing super strong El-Nino has added to the interest and mainly but not only this has got me to take a closer look at data to write a winter forecast. Very briefly my early thoughts: Before Nov are input some data and info, but early indications are of a very cold spell possibly a big freeze by December and throughout the month. November could be cold and snowy - widespread. On the FAX charts / BBC weather I look out for increasing number of occluded fronts and cold fro
  9. Hi all! be posting more frequently as we head into the deeper autumn, Was an interesting convective summer, saw some interesting stuff. I had a theory once, lack of se winter snow increase of thundery summer nights.. . The super strong El-Nino lookin to bring Britain/Europe an interesting mid-late autumn/winter.... am looking at the ENSO/PDO/AMO/SEA SUR TEMPS, STRATTY, LR MODEL DATA, might do a LR forecast, when theres BIG freeze on the line likely cold fans more hooked!

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      So just do a LR forecast when cold is likely?

  10. Hello all........ not posted for a few centuries....... hope to be on in the near future and look fwd to that! wow what a thundery summer hopefully some raging thundery plumes this season.. (by the way i was electricsnowstorm then tobor thinkin of new user name.......)

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      Welcome back. :O) What does your username mean (if anything)?

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      Where have you been?

  11. I have done analysis of the plane in the jungle satellite image and have added some information as text, chances are I'm wrong with this but have carefully looked at the image and if things appear to look like something then are indicate this. Zoomed in to image for you:
  12. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1002982/pg1 Been looking at the image posted on ATS not read the article yet (The original image of a plane over jungle came from someone using the tomnod satellite search) Reposting the link to go with images here - Here's the image from above link: Did a little processing on the image hope you can notice any difference but I can see more detail now after doing this: Looks like a plane in flight that was imaged while the satellite was photographing, can't see any notable disrupted trees?? unless it can land vertically like a h
  13. Just anaylizing the images.. color looks correct in the image for plane model. I have been thinking what about using psychic searching, some can look at pictures of plane, location and other images even go there and 'feel' something about it..
  14. I know just posting it as was some info(possible sighting) included in the search/reports, for those that don't know were Maldives are posted map. Think this report has now been thrown out.
  15. Didn't see this one before?? where is this can't see these locations on the map be useful to know what is after "left again at GIVAL" maybe not on land/sea map as is airspace map?? Maybe this was someone speaking their theory but need to know if actual piece of info. Are find the link. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-echochambers-26640114 - quote taken from here Just seen link been posted, going to read back the posts now.
  16. Been thinking that this event would becomes background news to quickly
  17. Need to look at every angle every tiny little thing that might not seem obvious but without getting into paranoia of conspiracy's, although cover ups are possible and are a lower level of conspiracy. Back in the 80s when I was a kid the radio (think was LW) had chatter as aircraft went over, would interupt the music or other, you would hear the height changes and other tecy words, not the usual everyday words anyone uses as to why I asked about this, do UK pilots use this type of talk with the ground? Things are done differently in other countries so I don't know. To add, what a cover-u
  18. Only that in this word Narnia the only N in the sentence " All right, good night" is used twice but only once in each of the two county names.. and each other letter of the sentence is used once too..
  19. Blimey how do you manage that! but this adds to my point that Gigs use up quite quickly when doing anything other than the usual browsing. @CC, I have the PAYG broadband dongle there are only set amounts ££/data example £10 / 1G there is no "all you can eat" data plan with this. Looking at a broadband contract for home use.. are keep the dongy for transportable internet though.
  20. What is a Gigabyte of data worth? Data - 1G = 1000MB (megabytes) I feel that the pay as you go broadband companies should re-access what 1 G is worth these days, it goes far quicker than it used to doing pretty much the same thing (my own experience) all though this would vary a bit each time. I can't really play videos this takes the credit to quick, depends on how much I've topped up, but that's just the point I need to put quite a lot on to feel relaxed and play the YouTube vids (for example) with out credit worries compared to those on unlimited pay monthly broadband for the same amou
  21. "All right, good night" - last words to be said to control from one of the pilots. Are these words the standard chat from pilot to control? this would make a difference to my thoughts here. I ask myself these questions: Q1 - Are these coded words is there a code in what words the pilot used? Q2 - What was said before the "last words" But... A1 - They turned of communications why would they want to code word a place/area, but the code words if they are could mean something else. A2 - ??? before last words?? Have come up with a few things a few possible decodes on this if it is a coded sentence:
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