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  1. Yes same here certainly not feeling very chilly at the moment! I’m camping in Hertford at the weekend so I expect the cold to set in just in time for that!
  2. Yes it is a magnificent summer type day. Walked along from St Leonard’s to the De La Warr Bexhill and back. Looks as if the birds aren’t following the rule of 6!
  3. Nice place! Is that round Pett level/Winchelsea beach Daniel? Weather wise-Sun felt warm today especially later this afternoon.
  4. Pictures from the Ferry House inn on the Isle of Sheppey, lovely estuary landscape, the wading birds calling out, the salty smell in the breeze, stunning moon reflecting on the water, interesting clouds. My first visit here I love this part, Sheerness is an interesting place a mixed bag and not at all gentrified, any members on here live here? I wonder how many are born and stick around and how many are incomers?
  5. Blustery day on Hastings seafront, good day for sailing, the sails on this one caught the light nicely.
  6. Went to Polesden Lacey today to meet up with family. Some hefty showers that almost made the traffic come to a standstill as we joined the M25 at Sevenoaks, it was cleared as we went further west. When the sun was out it felt very warm, lovely cloudscapes again, we got caught in one shower but then it cleared up in time for our picnic!
  7. Please come and visit my garden in East Sussex between Hastings and Rye, we have a lovely part of the garden full of wasps very busy in the shrub and tree, I can’t spot the nest but there must be one nearby, there are dozens of them buzzing about. Happy to leave them to go about their business they don’t seem fierce or aggressive and figure they will pop their clogs in the coming weeks. I understand they have a role in the ecosystem clearing up some aphids or something!
  8. Beachy head shrouded in cloud, taken from the old bathing pool end of St Leonard’s seafront, what a contrast with last week!
  9. Interesting clouds heading towards Eastbourne on the A27 now very heavy rain!
  10. Big fat rain drops now all piling in off the channel by the looks of it, blue sky out the back facing the other way..!
  11. Where be those storm clouds then?! No sign on the Winchelsea Beach skyscape! Just a California blue sky stretching for miles!!
  12. Absolutely hammered down here at about 530/630am, next door left her washing out over night, it’s had another thorough rinse!
  13. It’s been super sunshine all week hasn’t it? I don’t about how things are up where you are , but I have discovered on my daily allowed walk that the footpaths and fields are drying out nicely and have come back with my trail shoes relatively mud free! ?
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