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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone, you’ve certainly experienced severe trauma in your life, but also extreme resourceful to survive and try to live a meaningful life. I work for an NHS provider of mental health services. I should have thought your only route to DBT or similar therapy (STEPPs) is via Secondary services (I.e a community mental health recovery team), you would need to have an assessment that confirms a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). It may also be worth looking to see if you have a Recovery College locally, our local one did a successful course on emotional dys-regulation that can be accessed by folk who aren’t under a mental health team. I hope that you are able to at least be assessed and guided to the most appropriate intervention to help you live a better quality of life Stromforce- Beka, in the meantime your love of the weather will be a good diversion at times I hope, take care. kim
  2. Love that pub, peddled out from home a few times had scrummy fish and chips and wobbled back. Definitely a good place to see moody stormy skies!
  3. It’s been a frustrating few days not being able to get down to swim in the sea due to work and evening commitments! Got down to Winchelsea Beach for a swim, the sea was initially calm like a mill pond, but as the storm marched across the channel the wind whipped up the sea into a frenzy of white horses. My husband caught these pics with lightening cam app, gives a sense of the atmosphere! Back home listening to the rumbles with one poor cat cowering under the table.
  4. Definitely not especially if the uniform is polyester! My neighbour is a dietician on the acute medical wards and has to wear a horrible polyester tunic, no air conditioning on the main wards only in ICU and theatres, she was cursing yesterday, and said all the manager pen pushing types should be made to wear one for a day and see how they feel!!
  5. Everyone is probably in bed by now, but the moon from my bedroom window is stunning, a honey coloured yellow, wish I had a decent camera to capture it... hey ho, night all.
  6. But that’s sport for you, the unpredictable crops up at the least likely of times. For once I felt as if it didn’t matter what the score was, I thought it was a brilliant game to watch, envy all those who had tickets.
  7. It’s a wee bit breezy out, the whole house just shuddered!
  8. Right old battle this morning: team sunshine versus team fog. I know who I’ve got money on for victory !!
  9. Weird with some folk recording temps of 15 degrees today, only managed 7 according to my weather station. However it’s been a beaut of a day, blue sky all the way. It’s nice with the evenings becoming lighter, feel like I want to slip into spring summer mode now, although I’d happily adjust back for a blizzard for a couple of days...
  10. Blimey that’s a turn around now snow can’t believe after all that rain..
  11. After such a beautiful sunny crisp cold day yesterday, today could not be more different, significant rainfall ️ 🌧 here in the east of East Sussex, a lot of surface water on my drive to Crawley and back. Envious of those in the Bath area a whole ruler length of snow! As others have mentioned these parts need a good Easterly to up our chances of ‘non marginal stick around for a bit snow.’ Wishing all those the best who are in with a shout of decent snow fall tonight, the one upside for me I might be able to get a proper sleep not dashing to the window every five minutes..!
  12. Ditto, our council tax doesn’t include street lighting in my village either! I drove through a Ninfield yesterday, I noticed your local is now calling itself a gastro pub, is it any good?!!
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