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  1. Was here too, think the south east corner did well, it was a blessed relief from the weekend weather which was grey and rainy enough to trigger a right old fit of the glums! Lucky to not work Monday so had a lovely but soggy underfoot walk round Rye and Iden. I won’t be welcoming tomorrow’s rain with open arms hey ho.
  2. Quick go back to sleep and you might be able to go back and resume where you left off.
  3. No it’s just a rumour or you’re dreaming in which case ‘WAKE UP’ it’s all a lies!!
  4. Yep roll on spring, 😉☀️🌸🌼🌷🌺
  5. Not far from Kent about 8 miles to hop over the border 🙂 indeed lucky to have 2 cracking local pubs, the Robin is my most local being a 70 m stagger away!! 🍺🍺🍺 looks like it’s back to form tomorrow wind and heavy ☔️, oh joy I’m wetting my pants with excitement 😐 ski Sunday on lovely snow in Wengen...
  6. Good moo-ning!! This is more like it welcome back Sunshine.
  7. That’s sad news jj1, especially with the connection. The crap weather doesn’t help your resilience to cope with tough times like this. I hope you have friends around you to talk to and share your thoughts with.
  8. Thanks for your morale boosting message, it’s all a bit agonising for us snow addicts south of Watford gap! Still if it doesn’t work out for us I have my annual winter mountaineering trip to the Scottish highlands mid Feb... knowing my luck it’ll all be melting by then with early spring on the way!!
  9. A drive to Haslemere and back today for work, and what can I say 50 shades of grey all the way there and back.. the colour of the sky that is!! Everyone seems in a pretty grim mood. Been watching death in paradise on tv perhaps a move to the carribean not adverse to sun and sand, beats grey cloud and no sand...
  10. Yeah I was wondering exactly the same, if I wasn’t on this forum I wouldn’t have the scoobiest that there may be a chill down and snow on the cards... mind you perhaps that’s a good thing, hopes raised anticipation, then a massive NO SNOW SHOW crushing my January blues morale further into the soggy wet ground!!!
  11. Yep just been woken by that predicted hail albeit an hour late!
  12. Not noticed any flashes yet,although I keep accidentally ‘resting my eyes’ ,so prob missing it!!
  13. Still showing on bbc weather page for my location which is right close to lighteninglovers i think?
  14. Yep passing through here also, if only it were a blizzard, oh well weather is weather I suppose. Happy and healthy new year to all on this thread, it’s a lovely community full of splendid characters!🤗 can I drag myself down to my local for the new year party, 40’s theme, be rude not to I suppose?! 🎈 🎉 🎊
  15. Happy Christmas one and all! Cheers to a white out in Jan 2018!! ❄️ ❄️