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  1. https://twitter.com/eriksolheim/status/1378522716492423169?s=21 Wow, cloud avalanche in Nepal from twitter!
  2. Me too I find driving in these conditions draining and disorientating. It’s a real pea souper here!
  3. Not the case for all of the south east, the allotments in Riseley North Beds certainly aren’t ripe for planting yet..!
  4. I keep seeing them too, the midgy kind, can only think they are hardier than they used to be or it’s just not been cold enough to kill them off!!
  5. Well it’s been an interesting cold spell, as many have said, peculiar the amount of falling snow versus the negligible amount to lay in some places! It’s been lovely to watch snow falling from the sky on three consecutive days perhaps a mean feat in itself this day and age. Not been out in the car since Saturday, not much snow left on it apart from this last minute dusting! I vandalised it with a message..
  6. Steady progress in Icklesham, might get a cm by the end of the day it it continues in this vain. Uphill struggle with the preceding warm temps and rain big impact the potential total I feel.
  7. Sounds awful, and wonder why that is though, some virus related biological thingy I suppose ? Anyway hopefully you’ll have bounced back to enjoy the snow ️!
  8. Have to say I didn’t notice anything when I had mine neither did my sister or parents, quite an age range 75-43 years as well! Anyhow almost feels like spring out there now, lovely evening sky tonight!
  9. Ha ha yes I did exactly the same my brow became very deeply furrowed then I squinted at the date, and I muttered something about some being silly ol’numpties..!
  10. All the best for your move to Swineshead Lincs, hope you settle in well. Your post caught my eye because I grew up in the other Swineshead a tiny hamlet in North Beds! I think we once visited your Swineshead, it’s a funny old place name!
  11. Rain really hammering down here at the moment. It seems that we in the south east are the demons and devils of Netweather & need to be exiled and separated off, lots of sizeable chips on shoulders as far I can see but evenly balanced on both shoulders for the majority of those taking offense... Anyhow onwards and upwards I won’t comment further, Teflon coating required..!!
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