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  1. Thanks! Yes it's brilliant, the pier opening again. The way it's been funded and organised makes me really proud of the town, Hastings often gets a bad press but I think it's a great place to live and work. Sure it has its difficulties and fair share of poverty but it's got a thriving community spirit, and a lot of folk who really care about the town. Most importantly it's one of the sunniest places in Britian!
  2. I'm relishing these beautiful cold sunny days, just taken this pic of the sunsetting from the office window! Would love a foot or two of snow but this is the next best thing in winter weather in my humble opinion.
  3. Oh my days that was the quickest flip from rain to snow I've ever seen Wooo hoo! Absolutely brilliant only 50metred asl and a stones throw from the coast!!
  4. Let's hope so, I'm up around your way at my folks for Christmas so hope we have a better chance of a least cold frost than here on the coast!
  5. Not here either, went to work in Birkenstock sandels today caused a couple of raised eye brows and comments like 'Do you know it's winter?' Uur no actually it's hard to tell right now with temps above 10 degrees!! On another note I have actually seen falling snow this week... But sadly it was fake snow during rehearsals for a production of Toad of Toad hall .. Oh well beggars can't be choosers!!
  6. Ooh that's still a bargain though if it's a whole leg, got lots of lovely recipes for whole leg of lamb in a Diana Henry cook book! weather : spectacular sunny day with a crisp cold feel, totally wasted by being at work, rather than having a long walk and pub lunch (anyone know of any jobs with that description?!). Temp down to 2.2 already.
  7. Ha beat me to it with your comment about the foxes, very risky strategy! It's more boring but what about an ice cube tray with water in it?!
  8. Hooray for a lovely sunny day today, and maybe a frost tonight, woo hoo!! Just popped into the mod threat, ramptastic times, a white Christmas on the way...?!
  9. Yes indeed I was only jesting over the thread bashing thread comment! I don't understand why I get so involved in reading the Mod. thread a) I don't understand what anyone is writing about b) I get uptight or elated depending on what the predictions are. I need to stop reading it because it doesn't reflect what eventually happens with the weather, and I have absolutely nothing meaningful to add to it, so effectively it's dead time to me! Weather today: typical November, sky as grey as a Welsh slate quarry, zero sun, pretty chilly. However temp up from yesterday 10.5 degrees, another frostless night then...
  10. Tee hee! You & that other fella who posts on here 'Ben Lewis' should get together and organise a 'let's bash the folk on the model thread, thread'. I agree it can all seem a bit nuts, but I think the run to run analysis is part of the hobby. Let them carry on, not doing anyone any harm! I will expect a mild green Christmas and then be merrily surprised when I'm up to my neck in snow. Anyhow it was a windy walk to work this morning again, but thankfully calmed down now. A balmy 9 degrees outside currently so no frost for me as it stands. Finally, hope the new boots are a hit Dami!
  11. Pretty miserable on the whole here today, good photos from some of you earlier in the thread, thanks. Just had a peep in one of those other regional threads and got a bit annoyed with comments about how much worse the weather is up there now and how if it had been like this down south it would have had a name. I get a bit fed up with the northern 'chip on the shoulder attitude I'm afraid. Yikes I'm scared now I'll have started a fight. However for the record I love the north of Britian it's countryside and the often very friendly people.
  12. 2016 Tennis Thread

    Yes absolutely flipping brilliant, he is a hard working true professional sportsman & deserves the number one spot. I don't think folk appreciate quite what he's achieved.
  13. I've read a few posts on here and in the storm thread saying that the winds on the south coast were nothing particularly unusual, wind speeds only reached 65mph. I think the readings don't always reflect the effect of the winds in my view. I am about 50asl and about 2 miles inland from the coast and I can testify it felt a step up from 'standard fare Autumn storm'. I was wrestling with a wheelie bin at 6am this morning, as the the lid was being vigorously flicked up banging against the house wall despite being weighed down with a concrete slab. Further bad news half the guttering at the front of the house has been ripped off. I for one will be happy for some benign frosty sunny weather over the coming week, if that can be arranged please! Anything that can a slow me to post and include this lots and lots!
  14. Yes I sympathise with you on that one, I need to stop reading the mod thread as frequently as I do (seems like all day every day!). I find myself ridiculous it can start to dictate what mood I will end up, absurd considering it's all based on a machine predicting weather which hasn't even happened!! Current weather: a heavy rain/hail shower just passed through, woke the cats that are happily snoozing by the fire, they looked up all alarmed, all settled again now though. Also thanks Surrey for you 'windy summary' earlier very informative.