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  1. Ha! I was brewing a similar reply, you beat me to it! Off to Methwold near Thetford for the weekend, wonder where will get most snow home or there..?! whatever happens wherever you are enjoy the snow if it comes and if you can. Sorry for Alexisj9 and e17boy have been ill hope you both get better to appreciate this final blast, then roll on spring and summer, heatwaves, thunder storms! Hoping for a heatwave Wimbledon week managed to bag 2 tickets to the ladies final in the ballot!!
  2. Very fine flakes blowing about in the wind. TN36
  3. Oh just leave now how dare you be so blinking youth like!! Only kidding good to see the next generation of weather nuts coming through!
  4. Looks like the 70’s kids are in good supply then! On a weather related note it’s down to -3.2, can I beat last nights low -6.5?!
  5. Just to add it proves it 41 and already in severe cognitive decline!
  6. Ha ha I’ve totally dropped the ball on that one, it’s the early glass of rose!!
  7. seriously did you think you were the oldest in here, I’ve just turned 41 and was innocently thinking I sat in the middle of the demographic on here.. now I’m worried I’m just an old women who none of ’youff’ ‘understand!’
  8. Glad your cats backside is safe for another night then.
  9. Highest temp here was 0.1, so officially missed out on an ‘ice day’ But it dis get down to -6.5 which is cold for where I live I think. Anyway Im in ‘a hurry for another BIG flurry’, where are you snow clouds????
  10. Other half just came in, says he’s been in Aldi shopping and the till person said loads of people had been in panic buying! I thought we through the best snow chances they obviously all know something I don’t!
  11. Yep 100% and more if it’s favourable!
  12. There must be saying of truth somewhere that says ‘where there is one flake, many many more will follow’
  13. Nipped out for a walk, working from home can get a bit cabin fever like. The wind chill is pretty hardcore, definitely benefited from a cosy hood! Took some more snaps, little mini drifts about.
  14. Thanks for update saves me getting off my backside to look out the window!