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  1. Right old battle this morning: team sunshine versus team fog. I know who I’ve got money on for victory 🌞🌞🌞!!
  2. Weird with some folk recording temps of 15 degrees today, only managed 7 according to my weather station. However it’s been a beaut of a day, blue sky all the way. It’s nice with the evenings becoming lighter, feel like I want to slip into spring summer mode now, although I’d happily adjust back for a blizzard for a couple of days...
  3. Blimey that’s a turn around now snow can’t believe after all that rain..
  4. After such a beautiful sunny 🌞 crisp cold day yesterday, today could not be more different, significant rainfall ☔️ 🌧 here in the east of East Sussex, a lot of surface water on my drive to Crawley and back. Envious of those in the Bath area a whole ruler length of snow! As others have mentioned these parts need a good Easterly to up our chances of ‘non marginal stick around for a bit snow.’ Wishing all those the best who are in with a shout of decent snow fall tonight, the one upside for me I might be able to get a proper sleep 💤 not dashing to the window every five minutes..!
  5. Ditto, our council tax doesn’t include street lighting in my village either! I drove through a Ninfield yesterday, I noticed your local is now calling itself a gastro pub, is it any good?!!
  6. Yep we have lift off here In Icklesham 🚀
  7. Hooray flippin yadee doos!!! Things are looking up for the ‘on the coasters... ‘should be working... difficult to concentrate 😁
  8. Lol, it’s seems so near and yet so blinking far. Please let it be...!
  9. 🤣I ‘what’s-upped’ the pic to my sister who lives around Bedford, she said pretty much the same thing slate grey skies! Mind you to be fair it’s been mainly grey here, just happened to be blessed with a break in the cloud at just the right moment! 🤗
  10. Fabulous sky tonight, the picture doesn’t do it justice
  11. Ho ho ho for a white Christmas, the nearest so far a few hail pellets have just buzzed through... more please but of the snow flake variety, come on weather you know you can do it... pretty please. Right begging over , bed time early start tomorrow to Hove for 0930hrs 🙄!
  12. I’m bell ringing for a wedding in Rye this afternoon, poor devils i don’t think they’ll be having any photos outside! 🌬 🙄
  13. WTF...?!! Whichever way sounds nasty!
  14. I’ve looked everywhere for them to no avail! 😉 oh well I’ll hold out for the blizzard due here next week.....!
  15. Right that’s it, do sleazy jet fly to Reykjavik? Looks like a right ol’ freeze 🥶 up!! I can’t imagine it’ll ever be like that here on the ‘sunshine coast’!