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  1. Thank you God that I have the privilege of a warm and dry place to lay my head tonight. It’s absolutely hammering down in a very gusty wind, I pray that all the people who have nowhere comfortable warm and dry to sleep tonight stay safe. My worries are prompted by seeing all the wobbly and precarious pop up tents I saw along Hastings sea front today...
  2. All a bit odd, I’ve not been feeling this really mild weather. It’s felt pretty chilly on the whole, certainly not anything noticeable mega mild...
  3. Sick of this already-melted-snow falling, someone switch the blinking sky freezer back on please....
  4. hum what an utterly pants day for driving or pretty much anything else really. Had to go and visit someone over at our unit in Crawley, opted for the m25 route, yuk yuk yuk, wipers at double quick tempo and I still might as well have been driving with my eyes shut. Feel tatered now, might pour myself a cider, or a little something else from the bar to calm down. !! ️ 🌧 🌬 Hope everyone else has stayed warm and dry. Imagine if it had been Election Day ️ Snow, would it have matched Iceland’s epic snowmageddon event?!!
  5. Thanks for putting these pics and clips up @Kirkcaldy Weather . What amazing scenes, as well as being incredible I guess it was quite scary for people, I suppose they are more set up for those kind of conditions though!
  6. Yes indeed, my outdoor temperature thing has bust, however it’s lovely and clear outside and there is a definite nip in the air. If we can’t manage snow, then I’ll settle for more of this, rather than less cold with rain!!
  7. Sod the models and their depressing let down!! I’m bringing my own icicles and winter nivarna right to my back door, courtesy of Lidl this time!!
  8. Following my wisdom about keeping it zipped regarding Election Day snow, I’ve gone and disregarded it, an impulse buy from Aldi on the way home from work! ️
  9. Lol , top tip from me ‘little miss wisdom’, keep it zipped, the chances of experiencing an election snowmageddon white out day in these parts is about as likely as the Martians landing on Horsell Common....
  10. Wow just wow, now there are beautiful sunsets and there are beautiful sunsets! My photos don’t to it justice, but the silhouette of Hastings castle was amazing!
  11. Yes my goodness, the different shades of grey that have been on offer over the last couple of days just don’t do it for me! Plays havoc with the hair all this mizzle, thankfully I’m not in the kind of job where being ‘well presented’ is a requirement, I’d have a P45 in my hand before the sun was anywhere near setting! Makes me want to get my Christmas lights up now just for a bit of cheer. I was up in London last Thursday evening walked from Victoria station to All souls Langham place, and the lights on display were very up lifting and beautiful, the hideous crowds round Oxford Circus ruined it a bit though!! It’s nice to have the log burner on that is nice and cheery. I’m pinning my hopes on some sunny cold weather at some point in the next two weeks..?!
  12. He is a Borrower, so actually it’s a mansion for him and the family!
  13. Fascinating how the weather influences all aspects of affluent Western society. Watching ‘Inside the Supermarket’ about Sainsbury’s, the emphasis put on the weather for Easter Sales is astonishing, apparently a below average temp. indicates maxing out on New Zealand lamb sales, a heat wave means bbq’s and other lighter options... who knew!!!
  14. ,it’s totally fine... if you wear the right armour, i.e ‘Teflon coated’, so all that high expressed emotion rolls off you with no ill effects...!!!
  15. Some cracking cloud scenes today as posted by LightningLover. just had a very hefty hail type shower pass through. Quick scan on the mod thread very pleased to see happy wagging tails for now.... !!
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