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  1. Yes it sure does. I was office based all day today and I was able to watch the progress of the bonfire building as we’re right on the seafront! ‘‘Twas very windy though went for a wonder at lunchtime and had to hold on to a bin, (no gin had past my lips at that point!) to stop being blown over!
  2. , good move lighting the fire. I fired my log burned up the other week as it got cold, then roasted at 23 degrees!
  3. Sounds lovely! did some of that route on foot (the seven sisters and onwards to Lewes) last Saturday training for the Beachy Head marathon end of October, last year the weather was peachy perfect hoping for the same this year, but fear the worst rain and gales coming I feel it in my waters!
  4. God has done splendidly with His paint pot this evening, stunning sky from Winchelsea Beach.
  5. bluebell

    Anxiety & Depression Support Group

    I am so pleased that it is gaining strength and is valuable. Sometimes it’s the basic and inexpensive things in life that keep people going, when all said and done mental health services can never hope to replicate true friendship and love that every human individual needs to live with purpose and belonging rather than just exist. I know my service does a tremendous job in providing ‘professional expertise’ in starting people on their recovery road in dealing with the effect their diagnosis as on their everyday life and function;but the lifelong support that is so essential comes from groups like yours and the other social networks.
  6. Wow what completely nuts weather! Just driven home from Hastings, bone dry there, get home to absolute chaos, the most torrential rain I’ve seen in a while, the roads flooded, looks like the guttering round the side of the house is knackered and a mini Niagra falls has emerged! Ooh matron what a day!
  7. Bit of a light show out in the channel to the south east a pitted patter of rain. Seem to be dancing on the edge of the big stuff.
  8. Ha! I was brewing a similar reply, you beat me to it! Off to Methwold near Thetford for the weekend, wonder where will get most snow home or there..?! whatever happens wherever you are enjoy the snow if it comes and if you can. Sorry for Alexisj9 and e17boy have been ill hope you both get better to appreciate this final blast, then roll on spring and summer, heatwaves, thunder storms! Hoping for a heatwave Wimbledon week managed to bag 2 tickets to the ladies final in the ballot!!
  9. Very fine flakes blowing about in the wind. TN36
  10. Oh just leave now how dare you be so blinking youth like!! Only kidding good to see the next generation of weather nuts coming through!
  11. Looks like the 70’s kids are in good supply then! On a weather related note it’s down to -3.2, can I beat last nights low -6.5?!
  12. Just to add it proves it 41 and already in severe cognitive decline!
  13. Ha ha I’ve totally dropped the ball on that one, it’s the early glass of rose!!
  14. seriously did you think you were the oldest in here, I’ve just turned 41 and was innocently thinking I sat in the middle of the demographic on here.. now I’m worried I’m just an old women who none of ’youff’ ‘understand!’
  15. Glad your cats backside is safe for another night then.