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  1. I’m bell ringing for a wedding in Rye this afternoon, poor devils i don’t think they’ll be having any photos outside! 🌬
  2. WTF...?!! Whichever way sounds nasty!
  3. I’ve looked everywhere for them to no avail! oh well I’ll hold out for the blizzard due here next week.....!
  4. Right that’s it, do sleazy jet fly to Reykjavik? Looks like a right ol’ freeze 🥶 up!! I can’t imagine it’ll ever be like that here on the ‘sunshine coast’!
  5. Glad I missed it! Not so bad up around north beds, visiting my folks up there for the weekend, a bit grey and misley but not a lot of wind! I can’t wait for sun and frost to return, Friday was a welcome break from the grey! Still happy Advent things can only improve weather wise.
  6. Well what a weather filled day for us all! After driving through the fog to meet and greet the rain from the far reaches and beyond of our region, I kindly escorted it all the way back to East Sussex where it happily stayed around as much as an unwanted guest at a dinner party you never wanted to host in the first place! Cheered up immensely my husband bought tickets to see the Post Modern dukebox at the De la warr pavilion Bexhill, it was absolutely fab, brilliant musicians and very entertaining!
  7. Well what a total gloom fest today and yesterday are these conditions make me have to work really hard to keep cheerful! Drove through thick mist/fog along the A27 to Gosport for work this morning, now it’s really piddling down going to be fun drive back.
  8. I am a big Thomaz Schafenacker fan, a bit of a maverick; there was the occasion when he was caught on camera doing a rude finger gesture to a news reader who made a joke about him that he didn’t appreciate, and then when he had to stop reading the weather on Radio 4 Today programme as he was about to vomit. Rumour had it that he was totally hung over from the staff Christmas party the night before, but the official line was that he’d got a nasty bug! I was born in 1977 so just about old enough to remember the stick on weather symbols, I recall Ian Mckaskell, having terrible trouble with a sunshine that kept slipping from Aberdeen down the Home Counties, I think he handled it well and cracked a joke to get through it. More recent favourites include Nick Miller who progressed up from regional BBC southeast to national weather forecast. Apologies for spelling names wrong!
  9. bluebell

    Crafty people

    Ouch, I can imagine, i managed a quite dramatic cut with a mandolin slicer thing so am super careful of sharp blades now. I think I’ll have a go then, thanks!
  10. bluebell

    Crafty people

    I really like those orange’s they are very pretty, what a splendid idea, I wonder if i can find the time to fit having a go at that in! The rag doll is very sweet as well!
  11. Fingers crossed, I’m off to summerfields for netball training now , hoping to catch some snowy stuff as I go up along The Ridge and down into st Leonard’s, if there is snow anywhere it’ll be up there!
  12. Wow, that’s sounds amazing right up my street, a roaring fire with a view of snow sparkly beautiful scenery. I am a bit familiar with the Cortina in the Dolomites ( walking/ via Ferrata/ climbing in the summer), and went to the Aosta Valley in the Italian Alps years ago when I was at uni! If I had the cash I would’ve snapped up your ‘wish i could’ converted barn in a heart beat, sadly my NHS wage doesn’t quite cover it. Though I won’t complain the NHS is a good employer decent wage, good holiday, sick pay and pension! Weather wise- It’s clear sky, 5.6 degrees.
  13. Agreed, same here, less than 4 miles from the coast and only 52asl just won’t cut it..! Still on the bright side at least it should be cold enough to justify lighting the wood burner on a rare evening I’m actually at home!! TBh I’m so desperate for snow I may have to head up to the highlands to find some, or the alps which funnily enough is nearer than north of Scotland!
  14. Yes, what a total contrast to yesterday. Fresh chilly feel in a brisk wind that seems to be Easterly (ish) from what I can make out, along with sunshine & cloudless blue sky, what’s not to like? Took a walk around Rye harbour before a quick pint and sausage onion baguette . I’ve packed away my summer clothes and unearthered the winter ones in readniness for snowmageddon.... ️
  15. Nice one Lightening Lover, it’s fantastic that you find the forum so helpful and a joy to be involved in! I hope it continues to be tool to help you manage life’s ups and downs, which I am sure there will plenty more to come. Keep working hard with your GCSE’s, make the most of the subjects you enjoy (Pity there isn’t one on meteorology as you’d definitely ace that subject!) & this will make the subjects you dislike seem easier to put up with! For now let’s sit back endure today’s murk in expectation of some frost, fog, and maybe some as we progress into next week!