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  1. Last night's minimum was -2.3 °C; max today was 3.4 °C. Currently spot on freezing. Once the fog lifted it was the second successive glorious winter's (okay, late autumn's) day of the sort I've been waiting to appear for weeks and weeks until Friday: the sunshine and light winds meant it didn't even feel especially cold. Mist lingered in the Severn Valley until lunchtime, and frost hung on in the shade, which made for some attractive views (see attached photo). All in all, today and yesterday have been massively preferable to what we've endured over the last month. I'm even feeling reasonably sanguine about the prospect of more rain at the end of the week -- at least we get a break first!
  2. The Severn in Bewdley peaked on Tuesday afternoon at around 4.5-4.6 metres -- up about three metres since the previous Friday! The highest level since 2014, and in truth we were quite lucky that the river was low beforehand, otherwise it could have been more serious. The few days' respite we've had recently has been vital, since the EA projection is for the river to start rising again tomorrow evening. A repeat of Saturday's exceptional rainfall in Wales would be potentially disastrous and could even lead to levels close to the 5.5 metres this town endured in 2000 (beaten only by 1947 in the last 200 years), but thankfully that doesn't look likely. Mind you, it's chucking it down outside as I type...!
  3. It's been a while since I've paid a lot of attention to the weather, thanks to various other things in my life. (Nothing terrible, just busy.) Now I'm back looking at it more closely than for ages... but largely because I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen for ages on Saturday morning (in Worcester) and I would really like the worst of Friday's rain to have cleared by then. This friend is motorcycling up from SE England, too, so gales wouldn't be welcome either! It's particularly annoying that it looks like some pleasant weather after Saturday is very likely -- cold and crisp would do me fine. I think I'm just the bearer of bad luck, that's all. :P
  4. Storms here woke me up at around 4am, but nothing spectacular after the initial burst of torrential rain and lightning. Today's actually been an okay day. Not too much rain after the morning stuff had cleared, some decent sunshine and temps in the low 20s. Not as good as yesterday, but far from a disaster. Wind is now gradually ramping up, though it seems like the strongest of it won't be here until tomorrow afternoon. I do have to travel (by rail) tomorrow, but thankfully when I get there I'll be in a nice strong stone building and not a marquee!
  5. I almost get the impression these days that September is a better bet for warm, sunny weather than August! The all-time record on 1 Sep is something like 35 °C, so with perfect conditions it can still be very hot in the early part of the month. (Edit: the TORRO page has 18 Sep as the first date on which 30 °C has not been acheived.) The week ahead doesn't look terrible, though. Better than this weekend's been here in Worcs, anyway. A little warmer and probably some nice sunny spells between the showers. Tuesday may bring storms for those who like that, too. I could live with a continuation of that as we head into August -- it's not what I want, which is sun and warmth, but it wouldn't be a write-off.
  6. What a difference a couple of days makes! Absolutely miserable here in North Worcestershire this morning. The rain isn't all that hard at present, but it's relentless -- and the radar suggests there's a good deal more of it to come. It's chilly, grey and gloomy -- this really could be October, apart from the early sunrise.
  7. A little warmer than expected today (26.1 °C) and retaining a little of the humid feel from the heatwave, though very little sunshine to go with it. Not too bad a day, though. Unlike the weekend! Now looking like being close to a washout in some parts of our region.
  8. Pleased to say we have had some pretty good sunshine over the last hour or so, which has enabled me to record 32.5 °C. Still only the warmest for three years, but I'm happy to get over the 90 °F mark which is really rare in Bewdley.
  9. I really hope it's at least 37.8 °C, for the magic 100 °F mark. Or that somewhere else makes it there. Would be frustrating to miss out on that by a fraction of a degree! Edit: Summer Sun's post says that Heathrow has done it!
  10. Back home and it's 31.2 °C, so the hottest I've recorded here since 19 July 2016, I believe. 80% cloud cover now, though, so going to be a struggle to get more than a few tenths higher unless there's a prolonged break in the next couple of hours.
  11. Out for a (slow) walk in town and got caught in a very short but fairly heavy shower. Sun back out now, but cloud really beginning to build. I'm looking roughly NW but the SW view is similar.
  12. To put this into perspective, the Netherlands all-time record has just been shattered again. 41.7 °C!
  13. Yes, though that was while it was quite cloudy. 27.6 °C now we're back to hazy sunshine. I can't claim this is MetO-level accurate of course, but Shawbury was reporting 26 °C and Birmingham 28 °C at 10:30, so it's not noticeably out of line.
  14. 26.8°C here in Bewdley, but the sunshine is already increasingly hazy as cloud builds from the west. Still going to be a hot day of course, but anything exceptional seems unlikely now. My highest here in recent years (33.3 °C on 19 Jul 2016) looks safe. Actually quite disappointed from a personal point of view. We've already had a big storm this week, so I don't really want that this afternoon. I'd much rather have had a day of blue skies and unbroken sunshine. With all this cloud, even if there aren't any storms it's going to feel muggy and oppressive and unpleasant. Oh well.
  15. As far as tomorrow goes, I have a sneaking feeling that encroaching mid-level cloud in the afternoon may get in the way of breaking the UK all-time record. I'm almost certain the July record will fall, but getting past August 2003 may be just too much to ask. It would be typical if it was 38.4 °C, wouldn't it?!
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