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  1. Well, we do finally have a nice afternoon. Still a fair bit of cumulus around, but at least there's more blue sky than white/grey now! Got up (just) above 25 °C too. It's definitely not as sticky and humid feeling as it was with the cloud, despite the temp being higher. A light breeze helps. Actually it's now a very pleasant summer's day: warm and (mostly) sunny without being horribly hot.
  2. Still 80% to 90% cloud cover here. At the current rate we won't have proper sunny weather until tea time. It's actually worse weather than yesterday in this part of the world, as temps are about the same but with all the cloud cover it feels much stickier.
  3. And parts of Worcestershire! Almost midday and we're only now starting to get very very hazy sunshine. Still only a few tiny actual blue breaks, though. A pretty warm feel already, but some proper sun before lunchtime (as repeatedly forecast) would really have been nice. And we haven't had it. Again.
  4. A reasonable day today in the end. 22.3 °C and a good amount of sunshine once the cloud finally cleared off around lunchtime. Certainly warm enough for an ice cream during my long walk. (I had cunningly planned it so that there was a village with a PO in the middle of the route!) Tomorrow looks like a better day for just lazing in the garden with a cool drink and a book. Seemingly a one-day wonder, though.
  5. Stubbornly cloudy here as well. This happens a lot in the Severn Valley - a forecast of "loads of sun from the word go" actually meaning "well, it may be sunny in a few hours."
  6. To be honest, a fresher feel I wouldn't mind. I found it uncomfortably humid for much of today, even though temps were only around 23 °C. What I don't want, though, is for that to be replaced by the kind of dreary, cold, wet weather we endured in May. Give me low 20s, fresher, less humid air and sunshine and I'll be very happy.
  7. An improving day today after a wet start. Dry before lunchtime, and quite a bit of sunshine in the afternoon. Max 20.6 °C and feeling quite warm in the humid air. A reasonable though not amazing week in prospect by the looks of it.
  8. Bit of a disappointment today. Persistent light drizzle until mid-morning, then mostly cloudy with only brief sunny breaks. Made it to 20.8 °C and it felt reasonably warm, but it wasn't a patch on the previous few days. Not convinced that tomorrow will be as sunny as currently being predicted, either. Just hope it improves on Saturday.
  9. Another new 2021 high for me: 26.6 °C, which rather annoyingly is 79.9 °F. At least it makes my next target to aim for pretty obvious! It was hot from quite early on, so I'm sure I'd have reached 80 °F if it hadn't been for the cloud and showery rain in mid-late afternoon. Ah well, still a good day until then.
  10. Another very warm day on Tuesday, although despite a good deal of sunshine there was quite a bit of cloud at times. Starting to get a tad humid, too. Despite the lower temperatures, I'd take yesterday over today in overall feel. Still, I finally broke my 31 March high! Actually by nearly 3 degrees: 24.8 °C here. (It was 21.9 °C on 31 March.)
  11. I'm in the middle of the great heat/cold debate in that I like it warm but not oven hot. Obviously we all have our own preferences, but to me a month of dull <20 °C and a month of blazing >30 °C are both pretty offputting thoughts. Today (21.5 °C, light breeze, masses of sun) has been close to ideal for me. Incidentally, that max means my own local spring 2021 high will remain the 21.9 °C I recorded back on 31st March.
  12. Today took its time, with annoyingly stubborn cloud in the morning meaning that when I was out for a walk around 10am I was regretting not wearing a light jacket. Much improved by lunchtime though, and it's been sun almost all the way since then. Not too hot, either, a very comfortable late May day. Reminds me of what we've been missing all this so-called spring! However, the thermometer maxed out at 21.5 °C. That means that, although the UK 2021 high from March was broken at the last chance today, my local 2021 high was not. So my own top temperature of spring 2021 remains the 21.9 °C I
  13. The best day this year. Not massively hot (max spot on 20 °C) but sunshine from early morning and, a few drifting clouds apart, sunshine ever since. Light winds, pleasant warmth without sticky humidity... right at the very end of meteorological spring, it's shown us it can do it right in 2021!
  14. A bit of a disappointment here after yesterday. Not terrible, but mostly cloudy, not that warm (17.8 °C) and with annoying very light rain for several hours in the afternoon. Tomorrow looks a bit better, Sun/Mon look a lot better. Then? Well... I'll say nothing here; from 1st June onwards my vague thoughts are for the summer thread. 😉
  15. Yeah, not a million miles from you in N Worcs and I'm a bit irritated about Saturday's likely cloudfest too. Still far better than the damp dross of recent weeks obviously, but I'd have loved a day out in the sun somewhere. I can't go very far on Sunday because of limited train services, and I'm busy on the Monday. Had my first 20 °C in nearly 2 months today! 20.8 °C max this afternoon. Still a degree or so short of the 31 March high, so it's touch and go whether Sunday or Monday will stop me recording a spring high in March this year.
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