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  1. Now overcast, windy and spotting with rain here in Bewdley, with the temp having fallen to 27.5 °C. Topped out at 32.6 °C in the end. Heatwave over!
  2. Yes, probably. August 2003 was a bit like that here, with only 1-2 really hot (>30 °C) days. Although a 40 °C max would obviously and rightly get lots of coverage, the one I think I'd find most notable would be the first 20 °C CET month. July 2006 came very close (19.7 °C) so it's surely possible now with the right setup.
  3. It's reached 32.5 °C = 90.5 °F here. Seriously hot for this part of the world. Cloud spilling in from the west now though. Still high for the moment, but radar shows plenty of echoes around the Welsh border and if that comes much further east...
  4. You have to think we'll see 40 °C somewhere this decade.
  5. A good summer's day in the end here, though the cloud took its sweet time breaking up. From about early afternoon it's been lovely, though. Topped out at 26.0 °C but feels very comfortable with the breeze. Currently almost unbroken sunshine. Tomorrow looks a bit too hot and humid for my liking, even if we do get away without any rain. Then summer ends again.
  6. Tomorrow IMBY looks very nice, Friday too hot and possibly cloudy later, Saturday quite nice again, Sunday back to cool and showery. I'm another who'd be happier with a week of 22-25 °C than this up-and-down. Still, at least it's interesting for a change!
  7. It was often okay for a bit here after the great weather ended. Not amazing by a long chalk, but I don't remember the really gloomy, cool, windy weather setting in properly until after that hot snap you mentioned. I don't recall August 2007 being that good here. Lots of days when the sunshine figures looked decent, but that disguised the fact that it was cool and showery during the day with a sunny late afternoon/early evening arriving when it was too late to have a full day out.
  8. This year has had an amazing summer. It just happened in the spring! The sunshine figures for this spring, at least here in the Midlands, would have put it in the very top rank of summers. Since mid-June I'll agree it has been underwhelming and/or disappointing most of the time. Not in the bottom tier where the likes of 2007 languish, but perhaps in the one above that. It could get bumped up another notch if August is actually decent, though I understand why people are sceptical given August's general record in most recent years.
  9. Sums it up really. I'm not totally unrealistic, I know SE England is always more likely to get the drier, warmer, sunnier conditions in summer. But this is getting ridiculous now. If you don't live in the SE, this is a very, very poor July. Looking at the forecast for the next few days, I reckon it's now almost certainly going to be the third worst July IMBY of the 21st century so far.
  10. Another frustrating day here in Worcs. The morning was actually really nice, with a decent amount of sunshine and the hint of some proper warmth building. Since early afternoon it's turned around and it's now raining with 100% cloud cover and a nagging breeze. Not even remotely close to this morning's pleasant-looking MetO regional forecast. In terms of everyday experience, rather than record-keeping, I don't really care about what the daily means might be. It's what the weather's like in the daytime that's far more important. And on that score, this has been a very poor month, undoubtedly the worst July here since the 2012 disaster.
  11. A fairly pleasant day here. On the cool side (just scraped over 20 °C) but a fair amount of sunshine, no rain once the overnight stuff had cleared in the early hours, and the wind only mildly nagging. Hardly a classic summer's day, and definitely not a match for the first half of Friday, but by recent standards this was a good 'un.
  12. A vaguely decent day today (Thursday) although not exactly memorable. Decently warm for once (22.4 °C with light winds) and even a bit of sunshine here and there. Turned cloudy and gloomy in the afternoon, but the cloud cleared reasonably well by evening. A nice Friday coming up as mentioned above, then dross on Saturday. Currently looks acceptable but unthrilling thereafter.
  13. It's increasingly looking like we really did have our summer three months early this year. Here in Worcs this would have to get far worse to beat 2007 and 2012 for miserableness. But it's on course to be the worst summer since 2012. The problem is how tedious it's getting. Time and again, a forecast 3-4 day spell of warm, bright weather is downgraded at the last minute to chilly gloom with drizzle. 9-10 hours of rain/drizzle today when nothing like that was forecast even last night. As East Lancs Rain says, a mixture of really nice days and heavy downpours would definitely be preferable to this near-constant murk and rubbish.
  14. What a contrast. Far, far more rain than forecast, and it seemed to be coming down every time I poked my head out of the door. Got one hurried walk in during the morning and that was it. Rain, rain, rain. Not especially cold (19.7 °C) but yet another poor day for the time of year. Next couple of days also look uninspiring, though maybe some minor warmth as we head towards the weekend. Will believe it when I see it as ever!
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