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  1. Superb day yesterday with lots of sunshine after around midday. Max of 16.3 °C, which is actually my highest of the year so far, beating anything in late Feb. Not so impressive today -- scraping into the teens and 100% cloud cover.
  2. Currently 2.4 °C and heavy sleet in a strong W wind. Really very unpleasant conditions. Edit: now down to 1.7 °C and snowing! Huge flakes. Judging by the radar it won't last, but this is still about the best snow I've seen all winter!
  3. A mere 15.6 °C here in Bewdley, but that's still the highest of the year (beating last Thursday). Considering it was frosty last night (-0.3 °C) that's not a bad diurnal range, if nothing compared to what some have experienced. Clear skies all day and warm enough by mid-afternoon that I was walking down the street in a T-shirt eating an ice cream! (Took me ages to find a place selling them, though...)
  4. Quite a contrast between Sunday and Monday here. I was walking by the Severn on Sunday and fog lingered until about midday. It was nice and sunny thereafter, but a noticeable chill lingered in the air through the afternoon. Monday was a different story, with cloudless skies all day, and it felt considerably warmer in the afternoon. A little surprised to see the max was only 13.5 °C -- yes, well above average, but lower than Thursday's 15.4 °C. I wouldn't have expected anything like the all-time UK Feb record we saw in Wales, but I would have liked another 15 °C. Maybe Tuesday will bring one!
  5. Absolutely glorious day today once the sun got through in late morning. Sunny and warm still as I type. First 15 °C of the year, too! Maximum 15.4 °C here in Bewdley today. Not sure whether we'll beat that over the next couple of days, as I'm not sure there'll be enough sunshine. Still looking quite nice and springlike, though.
  6. Not a fan. It's an annoying site to use now, especially on a desktop PC. For one thing, I can't find a way to get the UK-wide five-day text forecast from a location forecast page. All I can see is the local one and the two further outlooks. Secondly, if I expand (say) a further outlook, the down arrow to the right changes to an up arrow. Basic common sense would suggest I could click that to collapse it again -- but I can't. Poor. I don't like everything being made to look like a basic phone app, and I say that as someone who uses his phone a lot. I'll probably get used to it, and if the irritations I mentioned are tweaked that will help. But right now I certainly prefer the old look.
  7. Gorgeous day today once the fog had cleared. Pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine and light winds. Max 12.2 °C but the sun is strong enough now that it felt quite warm by lunchtime. Saw my first daffodils in flower today as well. That confirms it, I think: I'm ready for spring proper now.
  8. Cloudy this morning with a little drizzle. Disappointing compared with the much brighter forecast, but at least it cleared after lunch for some sunshine. Pretty meh, really, and as @nobble mentioned likely to remain so for a while. The one thing I did notice this afternoon was the increasing strength of the sun; a little more warmth from it now. This won't be how everyone feels and fair enough, but for myself I think I'm inclined to write off this winter now as far as snow is concerned, and look forward to the first really springlike days.
  9. Managed a max of 11.3 °C here today, and -- sacrilege though this may be -- I was really quite happy with it. The sun being out for much of the time had a lot to do with that of course, at least after the fairly heavy rain in the early morning had cleared. If we get a seriously wintry spell in late Feb/Mar as happened last year then yes I'll be interested, but given a choice of a dusting of slush or seeing the first 15 °C of the year then I'd take the taste of early spring every time. Currently -0.4 °C btw, so at least it's decently seasonal outside right now!
  10. Had a very light snow shower in Bewdley at about 10:30. Lasted about three minutes. Now in Kidderminster and it's just damp. Rooftop thermometer on a retail unit says 2.9 °C.
  11. Hello. Just popping in from the Midlands thread to say: good for you guys! It is actually cheering me up a lot reading this. Yes, it's very frustrating for it to be totally dry here in north Worcs when nearly every forecast had me in the sweet spot (Worcester seems about the N boundary) but it's so good to see many of you in the SW finally get a really big fall. If anyone here ever looked enviously at the Midlands in Dec 2017 when we had the huge fall and wondered what it was like... well, it was like this! Enjoy!
  12. Well, nothing here beyond those few ultra-tiny flakes I mentioned at about 2am. Otherwise, it's completely dry. Extraordinary what a huge difference there is 50 miles down the M5! So, a near-total failure for me this time, unless I get one of today's showers, which is possible of course, if a long shot. But I have to reflect that in Dec 2017 it was the other way around with Bewdley right in the sweet spot and other places missing out entirely. That's the British weather for you, I guess. Good luck to anyone in the path of the showers today, of course.
  13. Snowing in Bewdley! The flakes are absolutely tiny and you can see individual flakes on car roofs etc. At this intensity it would take about 24 hours to be 1cm deep, but it is coming down right now.
  14. Interesting. Well, I'm having a late night, so if anything happens in the next hour to 90 minutes I'll post here.
  15. I know this isn't very scientific, but animating the last few frames of the radar makes me think, "One more oomph and it would be here!" A 20-30 mile push north would allow an awful lot more of our region to get at least a dusting. Might have another chance tomorrow (today now) if any of the showers coming in from the NE get this far. Ah well, what will be will be.
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