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  1. Aye. It looks like a bust. Just can’t see the heavy stuff getting here. Expecting no more than a dusting. Thats got to be up there with one of the biggest disappointments?
  2. just u area cwmbran

  3. Cheers for the posts Tipster. Great to see some new graphics and details in the thread.
  4. this thread has been going on since bonfire night 2016. Maybe a nice fresh one with the possibility of a bit of winter on the horizon
  5. Wave clouds? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave_cloud
  6. i think that's it is for us here. 3-4 inches. Not bad
  7. aye. Come on. Whether you rate him as a forecaster or not, he seems a pretty decent guy. Time to move on. we have far more positive/interesting things to discuss.
  8. I've been thinking exactly the same about summers following a late SSW. As you mentioned, 2013 was a great summer. 10 days down Llangennith in July. Wall to wall sunshine. Awesome it was. Gower power went down a treat
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