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  1. BBC weather this am still going for cold next week and a snow event Monday/Tuesday. Mountain weather also supporting this. Wouldn't be surprised if by this evening things have turned around again!
  2. Can confirm it is snowing in crieff but don't think it'll come to much as it's quite light
  3. 00Z EC joins the Xmas party with a chilly NW'ly for Xmas Day - wetterzentrale.de/pics/Recm2161.… - Increasing confidence now for Xmas not to be mild 7:00am - 16 Dec 14
  4. Met office outlook is suggesting quite wintry weather! Fingers crossed for some decent snow.
  5. Incredibly mild today! November 13 I was running in my short sleeves today too! Hope we are back to something more seasonal soon!!!
  6. Need to get out and run at least 3 miles tomorrow which should be interesting! Undertaking a challenge of running at least 3 miles a day for the month of December. Think I will find somewhere with no trees!
  7. Battleground set ups were also mentioned with Atlantic incursions happening. Usually get our best snow here from this type of set up.
  8. MWIS are predicting gusts of 120mph! Granted it'll be on mountains but could be very dangerous at low level too!
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