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  1. Thanks Andy wasn't quite sure if I had imagined reading it lol.
  2. Well that was short lived, thought people were saying this was the taster and watch out for next week ??
  3. It's snowing here but got to say snow doesn't look as pretty under these silly energy saving street light would really like my sodium 1 back now/
  4. Oh I missed the snow unfortunately I had to go to work in Swansea. keeping my fingers crossed to see some white stuff later
  5. Dry and cold here atm , only had rain all day but can see the snow on the mountains as you drop in to cross hands so near yet so far. Forecast is showing snow between 9 and midnight would be nice to wake up to snow.
  6. We had wet snow here about 30mins ago exciting and disappointing knowing that it had no chance of sticking . Brilliant sun now
  7. has the storm passed over now or is there more showing up on the charts?
  8. Lightening here again . very scary after seeing the pictures of the house earlier
  9. We had lightening and thunder about 30 mins ago was half expecting to loose power but thankfully it remained on. Been looking at America on bbc news they are having a tough time as well.
  10. We had a 15 minute storm about 5:30 managed to trip the electric briefly. Had enough of this wind and rain where's the snow is it worth me buying some hob nobs soon ?
  11. Can't believe where this year has gone thought I would pop on the forum and it is starting to get busy already , the wind was howling here last night and it was blinking freezing
  12. thanks for the reply and sorry for delayed response went to bed with migraine urgh, was getting loads of text wondering if we were having snow as you was so accurate last week with your forcast.

  13. I know I'm in a lousy mood tonight also. And yes you should see some but amounts is hard to say could just be an inch could be 4. It will simply come down to on the day.

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