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  1. Thanks Andy wasn't quite sure if I had imagined reading it lol.
  2. Well that was short lived, thought people were saying this was the taster and watch out for next week ??
  3. It's snowing here but got to say snow doesn't look as pretty under these silly energy saving street light would really like my sodium 1 back now/
  4. Oh I missed the snow unfortunately I had to go to work in Swansea. keeping my fingers crossed to see some white stuff later
  5. Dry and cold here atm , only had rain all day but can see the snow on the mountains as you drop in to cross hands so near yet so far. Forecast is showing snow between 9 and midnight would be nice to wake up to snow.
  6. It was quite funny last night, hubby was hoping for a snow day he was like a deflated teenager this morning lol
  7. frost on the cars this morning and now it's snowing
  8. Very windy here, tomorrow morning school run will be fun trying to avoid the recycling bags. I also checked 7 day forecast on here and saw sleet building up to full on snow Sat. I am not getting my hopes up but it would be lovely to have snow on hubbys birthday. My eldest had snow albeit a 10 minute shower on his b'day last November he was so excited lol. Hope everyone escapes any damage over the next 24 hours.
  9. I may be asking a very silly question so I am apologising in advance. The car temp this morning was -3 yet there was no ice on my car then as I drove in to Llanelli temp rose to -1 and the cars were covered in ice why wasn't my car covered in ice (not that I was complaining as I hate de-icing the car) Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to enlighten me.
  10. I too was reminded by facebook of the unexpected snow day 3 years ago, still got my fingers crossed that we will have another snow day before spring.
  11. Hope so I am worse than an over excited child at Christmas when there is a chance of snow
  12. Met office has my area down for heavy snow at 1:00am but won't be able to lampost watch as we have one of those silly energy saver things and it is pitch black outside my house at 1am
  13. Just had a 5 minute snow shower, proper snow flakes . My 9 year old son asked me on the school run this morning
  14. Haven't posted on here in a long time dipped in and out to read the posts and see if there is any glimmer of the white stuff heading our way. Keithlucky has given me a little bit of hope keeping my fingers crossed. My youngest who is 9 has decided he wants to live in a desert as he can't cope much longer with all this rain lol.
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