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  1. Couple of inches here in north Bristol. Nearly stopped now. Radar showing it moving west, so probably had the lions share of it here now.
  2. I think you need to get some priorities in your life. Get a grip I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad
  3. Some people reporting apocalyptic whiteout blizzards, whilst others a few miles away asking when the heavy stuff starts. Gotta love forums, lol Here, we have around 2 inches on patio table, more on grass where it's drifted. Still not much on paths and roads that I can see outside. Still talcum powder stuff, but looks impressive when a gust of wind mixes it with what blows off roofs
  4. Got to admit this isn't really floating my boat at all. Just looks misty outside here in Chipping Sodbury. Plenty on the grass which is covered, hardly anything on the cars and paths/roads as it blows straight off. Give me marginal big, wet British flakes any day over this
  5. I wouldn't describe what we've had so far as anything other than light. The snizzle looks worse blowing around, but it's talcum stuff and no real intensity here yet. Grass and kerbs are covered. It's blowing straight off cars and flat roofs
  6. Bit of light stuff here earlier left a patchy powder cover. Cloudy and breezy here. Hoping for a covering later
  7. A few flakes in the wind here in Chipping Sodbury. Literally no idea what to expect here tomorrow. Maybe a couple of inches, which will look wonderful. What I am sure of is the perishing cold. I’ve just got home and it is staggeringly cold out there now and increasingly windy
  8. You’re not missing much. I’m right under it and it’s just a few flakes in the breeze
  9. Couldn’t be more different from the ARPEGE hi res output if it tried. Basically no one and no model has a bloody clue still do they?
  10. How is the accuracy of this model generally viewed? I’ve never really used it. EURO4 often leaves me a little sceptical. Take the 9pm to midnight chart for tonight. A blanket of pink from the top of our area north. There’s barely been more than the odd shower or flurry across this area
  11. Much of the raw output. GFS, ECM, ARPEGE, ICON, all of these showing small amounts of snow here (where I am - North Bristol). I can’t link charts, but 18z ARPEGE shows around 6cm here total accumulation. ICON even less. GFS patchy and lighter. Check out Fergusson on Twitter, There’s a chart on there recent. He seems to allude as to it being a firming up of events (less). Someone asks him if the warning will now be scaled back tomorrow. He says depends on midnight runs Admittedly the last chart of EURO4 looks decent enough
  12. Baffling. I cannot find any output that remotely reflects the forecast on BBC Points West this evening or the Amber zone. Nothing. Most of the output takes it across western wales and Ireland. Patchy stuff at best here. What am I missing? Are the forecasts being heavily modified with human input? It’s not even tonight. It was the same yesterday.
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