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  1. We have a TS right now here in Gloucester..continuous thunder too. On another thread I mentioned about the brilliant blue CG I saw in the early hours,very close (it seemed) and an immediate crack of thunder. I wondered what it had hit. Here's the likely result. Hardwick is about 3 miles from my home. http://www.gloucestercitizen.co.uk/Ferocious-thunder-storms-reported-Gloucestershire/story-21661216-detail/story.html
  2. I couldn't find the thread with all the reports coming in last night, which I posted on when I wanted to return to it….still can't but I posted that we had in the early hours,about 2.00am…we had a CG..very bright blue seemingly overhead and a tremendous crack of thunder. I heard, this morning that it had struck a house about 3 miles away in Hardwick,Gloucester and has taken half of it down. Fortunately, the family were away on holiday. The lad's bedroom was completely destroyed.
  3. I've been looking at a webcam at Newhaven,near Brighton for several months, both east and west views are on same page and there's a lot of lightning on the east facing one and some west lighting up the breakwater wall. http://www.newhavenwebcams.co.uk
  4. Linxus...Yes..Indeed..Looking better. I was geared up for photos but not in this rain, which as you see, is very heavy now. Back to the window Lol
  5. Lynxus. .I don't think we'll get much until the cell,presently over Wester-super Mare, reaches us. As you see/hear it's gone a bit quiet. The rest is slipping by just to our east..I'm in Abbeydale. Here's Staverton Airport cam-Live. http://www.camsecure.co.uk/GloucesterAirportWebcam.html Problem about getting out to a higher location for photos is, will be,the rain.
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