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  1. 4 minutes ago, ajpoolshark said:

    To be fair, there is some discrepancie with the modelling of tomorrow/friday.....in house NMM hi-res seriously tones down the snow signal tomorrow/friday to such of a degree, that east of a line bristol/exeter sees a dusting if anything at all during said time period.....I'm not trying to dampen things down but talk of 'historic blizzards' is a tad premature, a few people are seemingly getting carried away and may up feeling deflated in 48-72 hours time..........soon enough though modelling will be out of the windows as it will become a nowcast/radar watch/sky watch scenario :)

    What about the West side of that line?

  2. On 18/02/2018 at 20:50, Blessed Weather said:

    Hi. It's very difficult to say at 7+ days away, particularly with the SSW adding to model uncertainty. I think there is definitely a risk that it could be cold and snowy over the few days you are in Andorra. This evening the ECM model is tracking the very cold air further south than previously modelle. It's only one run but highlights that forecasts are still changing at the 7 to 10 day range. If ECM is correct, it could turn very cold in Andorra.

    Good luck!




    Thanks for that.. We have made a decision to push it back a week until the 5th March in case it all goes the way of the pear and it's uber cold and uber snowy, not ideal for the look we want.. I may come back a little closer to the 5th for some updated charts if that's ok, thank you.


  3. Hope i have put this in the right forum, apologizes if not.. But..


    I am planning a photo shoot out in Andorra from Monday 26th Feb for a few days, with the SSW in full swing and incoming cold spell, what are peoples thoughts on the weather in Andorra for the above mentioned period. The shoot is fairly hefty to organize and I don't want to get there and find it's whiteout conditions or too cold for models..


    Thanks in advance.

  4. I just saw all those Fb links to a white christmas.. Oh well time to clean up the BBQ for a burger come the 25th Dec then!!


    I love reading the forecasts here and try my best to understand them. But I am sticking with my local hardware store owner for future forecasts.

    He never bulk buys anything except in the winter of 2010 / 2011 when he brought a pallet of salt, and a truck load of shovels and sledges.


    We all said he was silly. I had to eat my hat as I purchased some of his bulk buys!


    So until he bulk buys again I'm keeping some burgers on hand for a Yellow and blue christmas.

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