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  1. Been quite lucky my location.. More dustings last 3 events. Just light small flakes. 2cm if being generous.
  2. Well epic end to a encore from the Easterly. Now it's drip drip drip. Very misty.
  3. Real chrimbo pic outside... Almost makes you want to put Dec's up, What a Christmas day.... Oh well.
  4. Yep, Change to warmer climate already kicking in...However for how long...Signals mixed..possible cold still in place. Not many easterly walk away on a whimb..
  5. Well...Very unexpected, Proven to show no matter what technology we have, Nature will always win. So impressive. Thankyou Mother...
  6. Either it's me or its looking misty now...Temp rise
  7. Finally stopped.. Booooooo. Coverage a good 4 to 6 inches.. Perfect end.
  8. Sounds greedy and selfish... Would just love one last fall of all all mighty.. Epic day
  9. Lol..still going although I could probably count the fall of each flake..Good call Saint for 9.00 pm
  10. This is amazing... Just keeps going. May not have beaten records...But for March wow..Rare event
  11. Still going.. Best event for the entire Winter. Although meteorology Spring has started. 3pm start...4hours plus. Blue or Saint has it stalled, Is radar correct...?
  12. Wow. Still going, Although some falls are light.. Heavier falls are in the mix..impressive
  13. Well started again..lighter but bigger flakes... Bonus run.
  14. Calmed down now...Very much best snow fall this event..lovely. Oh well guess this is probably it...
  15. Still going strong, Best snowfall ppn amount from this severe easterly...
  16. Snowing quite heavy, Has been for a good 20 mins. Its that 1 mile thing again Saint..
  17. I think it depends what radar server your'e using, Most are very IMBY...
  18. Absolutely F F F F FREEEEEEEEZING outside, That wind omg...
  19. Absolutely, Its far from over yet...Thursday/Friday....Hang on tight....
  20. Very much a flow direction change...London still going strong, https://www.rain-alarm.com/?from=chrome2
  21. Agree J, Also reading through Model thread, For the weekend not looking as mild as first suggested, Although any form of Mildness will be very short lived indeed. Cold trend still favourable...
  22. Fingers Crossed for today Saint....Been very much a lottery this event.
  23. I think the storm in Med on route for us UK Thurs/Fri, Very much already helping flow... https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/700hPa/orthographic=-4.34,45.80,852
  24. Oooh rain alarm just woke up...More intense showers approaching Herts, Beds, Bucks, London in for quite a fall. https://www.rain-alarm.com/?from=chrome2