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  1. LOL, Blimey I forgot about our most frustrating non event Winter, Bloody states nicked it all. Fingers crossed for a good few more flashes and bangs tonight.
  2. Im not sure Chris, Yes it is worrying......Maybe he has trouble with Internet like before.
  3. That's good news cant complain either mate im fine, That rain really going for it earlier....Hanging for the next one now.
  4. No Chris, Mind I have not been on much at the moment. That's a worrying post you have just made, Got me thinking now.
  5. How are you Saint, Yep looks like we have, Forecast for bigger band around midnight. Very very muggy though...No comfy sleeps tonight.
  6. Greetings........Very heavy rain here on and off, one big flash and bang. Current data. Thunderstorm <<<<< Hmmmmmmm not sure about that disclaiming Image...No Storms here. 17°C Feels Like: 17° Wind Chill: 17° Ceiling: 5000 Heat Index: 17° Visibility: 5mi Dew Point: 15° Wind: 3mph Humidity: 88% Direction: NA Pressure: 29.97" Gusts: NA Location: 51.8°N, 0.4°W
  7. Well better late than never I guess, Jeez. Was planning on getting on Friday just gone, but Could not get on Internet, Server fault, OK now though. So what an outstanding day with all the summer trimmings, Temp gauge was reading 26c, but it could be slightly over cooking it, I think around 23.5 more actual. Got no storms at all Saturday, Rain yes...No voltage and bangs though. Next week looking pretty damn good considering a slight sip of precip. Hope everyone has had a good day.
  8. Well, Afternoon all,,,,,Corking day today, Very much warmed up. Tomorrow looking very interesting (Indeed Storm wise). 21.C at present. Could be a rather sticky night. Decided to give the house a miss tonight doing it up as you do, Thought I would pop in here later for chats... Anyway speak later folks.
  9. Morning all, What a miserable day yesterday was and today looking the same. 9C at the moment and pretty wet. . Hoping for a improvement towards the weekend.
  10. I'm fine JP , long time no posty chats, hope all good for you. Saturday really looks poor , hmmmmmmm. Maybe just maybe, if we don't go, best excuse ever to get him down the pub lol. Hoping Sunday really dire, mother in laws birthday round the sister in laws for a BBQ , her other half drives me insane, thinks he is the Adonis of BBQ s and can talk for England . So hoping Sunday is a real right off lol.Take card JP
  11. Having a break from doing house up tonight, big problem at the moment is internet down etc, last time this happend the engineer said it was snails on the line, I did wonder if he was previously a network rail engineer. Anyway apparentley it's fixed and the signal just needs to send restart, personally I think it's a load of toffee, guess I be calling them back tomorrow.
  12. Night time storms are the best, you can see all the lightning patterns etc, best of all you have no idea until that first sparking flash ... Love em...
  13. Cheers Surrey , believe me I have tried, but they all know best. Still I will have my phone so can chat in here whilst waiting 10 hours.
  14. Morning all, well which forecasts do you believe, sons 18th tomorrow wants the family to go to Thorpe park on Saturday ,some forecasts stating sunny and warm and some heavy rain. Any ideas JP for the weekend. Many thanks.
  15. Evening all, still waiting for the apocalyptic storms to happen, no change there then. On another note for first time in months I go in model thread and the the last posts are about current set ups similar to 2007, I bloody hope not, I am cursed..... Meanwhile quite muggy, with a slight breeze.
  16. Good morning all. Been a wee while since posting, hope everyone ok. We'll been nice and warm, and sadly it's going to end with a bang, according to some news papers. Mind you hope that it's correct for storms as this would mean we may be getting some normality with our seasonal patterns since 2007. Will try to get on more, but just so busy with work and house etc. take care all. Jason
  17. Good Morning all, Nice and bright at the moment....Few showers around possible 19c though. Enjoy your bank holiday Monday...Anyway back to the grind...Uhhh :winky:
  18. Hi all long time no posting. We'll feels like it lol. Hope everyone ok, weather has been quite remarkable lately, can't grumble although the good old bank holiday rain looks on the cards . Still going good JP . Work and doing house up taking my time up at the moment. Lots to do still. Will try harder to get on more before next winter arrives. Speak soon . Jason
  19. Here you all go, Here is a redefined pic of me. lol , 20 Years ago and a few sunbeds along with gaining in height 10" (that's all you women think about") Ahhhhhh I trained him well, My Adonis make believe double.
  20. Thank you MK for your kind words, That's the thing with this life (We just never know). Life's to short for jargon and misfits. Bottom line is apart from a different language and colour, Inside---Outside we are all the same. The only issue in life that separates us all..Is petty c rap. . If I make it to his age,Then I have achieved my goal.
  21. Hello all, Hope your day been fine, As it has been a cracker, Tomorrow even better 20c possible. Yes it's me, Still working hard and doing house up, Sadly my wife'S Granddad passed away yesterday, Very sad times at the moment....My Wife is devastated . He had a good innings though 93 and thought in WW2 in North Africa with loads of Medals. Very kind Man "Stubborn" as well all the Kids loved him, I will miss him. I will be Staying logged in for a bit. Ohh I see JP lurking at the logged in part. Hope your good JP.
  22. A late good evening to you all, Not been on for a wee while ,Still doing the house up and will be till Winter this year. Noticed its going to b quite a chilly one tonight...Down to -3 to -5 c in parts...Frosty, Well had to really now the gardens etc are getting into full bloom. Anyway stay safe and well folks speak soon. JP keep it going mate, I always pop in to view your updates. JT
  23. Evening all, Hope everyone muddling through as we do. Very much cooler today especially with the wind in the showers. Getting colder as well over the next couple of days. Clear 6°C Feels Like: 3° Wind Chill: 3° Ceiling: Unl Heat Index: 6° Visibility: 6mi Dew Point: 3° Wind: 9mph Humidity: 81% Direction: 190° (S) Pressure: 29.62" Gusts: NA
  24. Good Morning all..Clear and sunny this morning, Will be another fine and warm 18c day today. I noticed from a lot of post's that some are having sad and/or troublesome times, Whatever it is, Sincere wishes to you and I hope today's Sunshine will give you that little smile. JT
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