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  1. Ok, brightening up now.. Some have done extremely well, My location not even an inch
  2. Snowing quite heavy and has been for 10 minutes....We shall see
  3. Blimey BA, It is a proper Gala bingo this event...
  4. Dohhh, Weather forecast for Sunday 10c max...Tonight - 5...Today Very on and off snow showers, Leaving some dusting. So for those that have done well so far...Well done indeed, For those like myself...Still time !!!
  5. Snow showers on and off today, Plenty off sunshine too. Just a slight dusting
  6. Today since the Easterly graced our shores was never from memory in forecast relation meant to be a white out, Only Snow showers, The events are meant to start from early hours tomorrow and so on. Temps are on an even more decline from now and continuing through this week. As posted before, Confident of much intense and prolonged snow early hours and so on for most within this thread. No chance of melt..not at - 7c and below. Wind chill will be bitter. Page 47, By 10.00am 120 +
  7. The calm before........ Paul. We shall see, I'm still confident of those that have missed will wake up with smiley faces.
  8. Some wind gusts now prevalent, Inland they come....
  9. Yes, But the intensity is increasing along with moisture content dragged up from the channel...This is the beauty of Easterly's.. Everything to play for, The hardest part was the Easterly building in the reliable, Now its not the question of IF, Just WHEN...Enjoy
  10. Defo Tiny, As the week progresses..Snow depths will increase....Thursday/Friday WOW...THE POTENTIAL !!!
  11. Evening all, Nice to read some already in on the action...Lovely. Slight dusting here, Have a feeling the best is yet to come. Luton airport already cancelling and moving flights. Thursday/Friday could be exceptional....
  12. Hmmm, The event has only really started in the last 12 hours region wise and it is Monday....Long way to go to Friday, The potential is now with us all to get involved. I'm sure come Friday evening comments will be much different in here. The chase is on Enjoy...
  13. Definitely, Dare I say it...You would really have to be unlucky not see any snowfall this week in our region.
  14. Yes, I Remember that, Crazy night real windy too.
  15. Nice one Eddie, What is your location...I can't seem to see it in Avatar...Many thanks
  16. Yes all ok atm Saint, Same here...Rare events these one's mate, I think last time was Dec 2010 and we had RED meto warning over us here.
  17. Hi Mate, Yeh very long time mate....How you been.?
  18. Clouds are in, Albeit thin stars are slowly vanishing....
  19. Cloud is now here..Stars have virtually gone, "My" what an interesting week this will be...Long time waiting. 500 pages in this thread by Wednesday......
  20. Could very much look this anywhere between tomorrow and Friday pm.
  21. Ohhh..Very long time since being in here, Still thought best to pop in, My god the thread is "Alive". Quite rightly too, Epic Easterly in bound inanimately...As for snow well its not WHERE & IF its how much and i am confident everyone will have snow to shout about.....Enjoy the fun, End of the week could be very bad snow wise. Hello Chaos......!
  22. You have no HATS left Karlos.... Apologies Mods..