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  1. Small icy ball bearings in Bexhill on sea
  2. Way too much nonsense and disposable one liners in the MOD thread today which ,makes it very difficult to understand what the weather may or may not be in the next few days. Reminds me a bit of the old bbc forum which is a shame as there are a few really good posters in here that do make it worth reading from time to time. As I work outdoors I rely quite heavily on forecasts but I guess I may just as well watch the bbc weather forecasts to get some idea . Out on my bike this morning the wind felt raw so I guess the coming week is going to be cold down in East Sussex 😀
  3. Heavy snow in Bexhill on sea , now settling on grass
  4. Confirm it is most definitely snowing in Bexhill
  5. Last snowed here in 2013 if I remember but not very much. Last big snow was in 2010 when the beach was even covered in snow and lasted for 7 days !
  6. Still pouring with rain here in Bexhill On Sea !
  7. Proper wintry mix here in Bexhill Hail , snow rain allsorts
  8. It was a tidy snow shower wasn't it ?
  9. Certainly was snowing hard in battle but as we approached Bexhill the sky lightened so definite boundary of snow shower over us
  10. Just driven back from hastings to Bexhill via battle and battle is getting hammered with snow . Already piling up on the road Got to Bexhill and Nothing !
  11. Lovely sunny day here on the south coast.Felt warm in the sunshine but cool in the shade.Looking forward to this weekends warm up
  12. Just had a heavy hail shower here in Bexhill Miserable day :-(
  13. I reach the grand old age of 50 on Friday Will we have some of the white stuff or will it be wet stuff ?