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  1. Very tempestuous outside howling wind no sleep tonight I guess will be listening to the waves across the road hoping they stay there.
  2. Couple of flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder. loud rain hammering against window Dog (Eric ) hiding under the table
  3. Horizon melting into the sea all grey. Rain just started here at Sandgate. No sign of the beach regeneration shovellers and lorries which started earlier this week and has now been washed away twice. Just breezy here now but next doors pamapas grass has a had a battering!
  4. I am a new comer but have listened in for some while, I love this site and spend hours reading JP and the knowledgeable people but really enjoy the less weather related posts. Weather here, its low tide so the sea is slightly less churned dry feeling cold awaiting rattling of the double glazing
  5. Hi Its a really interesting church at Ashwell I lived there for a few years. Well worth a visit and a climb up the tower. Lovely little village museum opposite the church. A good pub the Rose and Crown.
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