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  1. If this is just a cold snap, cold enough for low level snow mid March, doesn't it put to bed the myth that once the cold and snow are here, it will be harder to shift? Something that was being said on the last cold spell too.
  2. This is a weather forum, if they had done it on a computer forum you might have a slight point. It was rather amusing really. Back to the weather, what's the point of just being cold, it's boring and well, cold. Here we are in northern England just going into February in the middle of a cold spell, at night and it's raining/sleet. What an utter let down this has been and it just goes to show how hard it is just to get 'real' falling snow in the UK. The one time my area got falling snow with a cm or two covering at 10:30pm, was nearly all gone at 6am the very next day.
  3. There is hardly any snow to melt, some of which has already melted.
  4. With all due respect, it's like a sugar coating, nothing to write home about and any that is laying looks pretty wet. The warning for 200m asl will be because they will receive a proper covering.
  5. Don't forget that was above 200m too.
  6. Some big flakes in Thornaby but pretty light snow. Seems to be thawing more than it's laying.
  7. To much was made out for the coldest spell in two years. It's not difficult for it to happen when you look back at the last couple of winters. And it does say coldest, not snowiest.
  8. Wasn't that a North Easterly?
  9. So as I was saying, no lying snow around the Teesside area?
  10. Well I'm sorry but it doesn't come clearly over the internet sometimes, especially when people do lie.
  11. Thing is it usually does matter for low lying areas. Snow falling is pretty for the first 5 minutes, but pretty pointless if it's not laying, that's my opinion anyway.
  12. Of course they are, usually hinting at worst case scenario as they are in fact warnings to warn people. Of course anything can happen in the world of weather so I might wake up to lying snow, but then I also might win the lottery on Saturday too. It's pretty doubtful low lying areas in the Teesside area will have lying snow by tomorrow, the setup just isn't good enough for it.
  13. Trust me. It's very unlikely low lying areas around Teesside will have any lying snow tonight/tomorrow. Even the warning isn't that good. States it will bring rain to many areas but later there is a RISK of it turning to snow. It's not about faith, it's about knowing the area and what weather it receives.
  14. Snow might be likely, we had snow/sleet this morning. It's pretty doubtful it will lay in low lying areas that is the problem. Like most times in these situations it will either be sleet/rain or snow but to wet to lay.