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  1. Evening everyone just got home from Alton towers booked it in Jan so have to go rides were closed do to weather so nice yesterday when we drove up 15 c today 2- blizzard conditions this afternoon on M6 coming home looks like a cold Easter as well.
  2. Feel the same really been on hear for a few years Cardiff does miss out on most snow events being low down enjoyed the build up to it as the models up and down beast then no beast reminded me the winters I experienced when I was a kid glad my kids experienced this as who knows when we will meet the beast again the kid in me always enjoyed the weather what ever it brings.
  3. Do you think that's it for the snow season now looks mildish next week though march .
  4. Flakes getting bigger here street is like sarhara desert blowing it's the 1990s again.
  5. Wounder if those reds have any thunder inbeded thunder snow anyone
  6. Drifting in the street now that yellow blob looks interesting wind really picked up .
  7. Like a blizzard here blowing everything around wounded if the Bristol channel is beefing up the snow .
  8. Main roads are ok ish side roads are slippery wind is blowing everything around.
  9. Would say about inch half more where it's drifting on the kerbs.
  10. Our red dragon is breathing fire happy stdavids day
  11. Blowing down the street like sand remember this from years ago going to get interesting later.
  12. Its showing wind chill -8 on my weather station and -13 depoint quite a few showers coming from east building now shops are mad only went for screen wash .
  13. Just been out the garden to put bin out pond iced over now clouds building.
  14. Morning all we are certainly looking at a potential big freeze here now remember the 80s 90s powder snow with trains not running because of the wrong snow blowing around like sand every thing was frozen solid for weeks off topic was a huw last night as my mother had a fall at home bruised ribs waiting time was 4 hours plus can see major problems next week take care and look after each other
  15. Couple of flakes just now gone to rain now feels warm in the sun when it's out not gusty as it was Sunday.
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