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  1. OK, my general point - and without responding on specific scenarios and how unlikely they might be to occur in Scotland / what Scotland (in particular) is doing to prevent them - is that modern society is fragile, even though it may appear to be robust at first glance. All of our IT could be knocked out by - something. We could be ravaged by pandemic flu or other disease; a radicalised religious nut could set off a dirty bomb big enough to knock out the centre of Edinburgh for a long time (and look how a very little Polonium went a very long way); we could have a volcanic three-year winte
  2. Skifreak - of course not, or at least I hope not! My point is that I believe that some degree of acute or chronic societal breakdown is entirely possible at some point over the coming two decades. We can't say what that's likely to be, or what the direct effects on this corner of Europe are likely to be. But when things go wrong, it's better to have the safety-net of a larger and more robust society, rather than the inherent fragility of a much smaller one. And if 'Project Fear' is BT, I'd christen Yes as 'Project Unfounded Optimism'
  3. Finally weighing in to this debate after watching anxiously from the sidelines forever really. I'm an English-born Scot, who wanted to return to Scotland as soon as I could, which was after education south of the border. I grew up in the Derbyshire coalfield, within a community of passionate ex-pat miner Scots, so it was a very 'tartan' exposure to what I always regarded as my birthright. But I came north in the mid-eighties, and have worked and raised my children here, and would never wish to live in England again. Nevertheless, I'm a committed 'no', and for reasons too numerous to record her
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