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  1. Did nadine have a one night stand up in lancashire the other night, its black as anything and tonking it down.
  2. Is that bomb that was showing on the gfs the other day nadine or another system Some nice cells developing towards the south coast
  3. lets hope she hasnt a long lost relative from asia we could probably expect about a dozen lol
  4. tinker brook in oswaldtwistle flooding now quite badly its washed a huge banking away next to a waterfall
  5. Am i right in thinking the system is currently pivoting around bolton at the moment still torrential rain here.
  6. My friends house has been flooded it was over a foot deep downstairs and has ruined there new sofa they got delivered last week.
  7. Hi tom i took this picture early on boxing day its a small river which runs through Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire, about 5 miles from blackburn.Ive seen it freeze over before but never seen the waterfall freeze like it has.It looks absolutely stunning its just a shame it has to thaw.
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