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  1. Quick competition on the first date we see 20C in say C. London. I'll go with 15th March, pure stab in the dark
  2. Last walk before either reload later in the month or Spring! Nor sure if the panoramic one will work well here
  3. So on my level patio table it's 16.5 cm (blank 1/2 plastic on ruler before measurements begin). Which is 6.5 inches. On lawn its a bit all over the place but the most level I could find was 15 cm, 6 inches
  4. Quick pic from garden before going out. Will measure but must be 6 inches or even just over
  5. Well as everyone said round here, ridiculous top up here in Chartham Canterbury. Going out for long dog walk early to get pics. If the sun shines on this lot it will be blinding.
  6. Absolutely brilliant there. A couple more today from Downs behind Chartham after a bit more fell last night, 2 cm more or so
  7. Yeah I'll measure tomorrow too (snow, ....obviously 🙄 😁)
  8. The last idiot in the last car driving way way too quick. How dense can you get?
  9. At home Chartham 8.5cm (there's a stupid 1/2 cm before the measurement line start!) 3.4 inches
  10. A long walk in downs behind Chartham Canterbury. Heading up to 500ft. Good depths and blowing snow. Good back at home at 250ft too 20210207_134455.mp4
  11. Pavements and roads going white now Chartham, but 250 ft asl i think that still makes a difference, even a bit of elevation.
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