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  1. Seems elevation makes the difference. Top of hill at Chartham, snow about 2 cm and still snowing. Bottom of hill sleety rain
  2. A final picture. It was great here in the Downs behind Chartham, Canterbury. Best since probably 2010
  3. Moderate to heavy again. Small flakes but coming down at a real rate. Another cm or two added. Chartham near Canterbury
  4. Just a light shower started here. Baby cloud. Won't amount to anything but just goes to show how easily snow will fall at the moment
  5. Well had to walk down to Chartham station this morning at 6.30. Going nowhere by car. Trains all cancelled. Walked back!
  6. About 8 to 9 cm here in Chartham hills near Canterbury. Still building with heavy showers. Can't seem to upload photo as file size too large. Will try later
  7. 1 to 2 metres would be fab!! Heavy here in the hills above Chartham. Getting on for 4cm
  8. First post for ages! Actually that fax chart is not the full story. If you look within this site at the 3 fax charts going out 24 hours apart ( I think it is) then you see that convergence zone wobble north to south a bit almost down towards south coast at one point so I think everyone's in with a shout. I say that because a pure Thames streamer will disappoint some and there may be some sad faces otherwise!
  9. Absolutely right! (Please note those in East Kent posting what an abysmal part of the world etc etc) when we get conditions like matt points out then Essex / East Kent often sweetspot. This set up, I say again, wasnt for us. Brilliant pics btw those with snow!
  10. Not sure how up to date, or even if I've got the relevance of this right, but the 850 upper wind direction for midnight shows maybe why there appears to be more of a shunt east than was first thought
  11. I think it's probably down to watching it really close to the event, but then not forgetting to look out of the window!
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