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  1. this is pathetic so far! Can someone explain what's happened to the heavy snow forecast? Is that heavy PPN going to pivot?
  2. Well, I can't see the point in looking at accumulation charts at this stage. It's going to snow and how much we all get will be apparent after the event! Enjoy everyone, these are the rare times we all crave!
  3. Search results Ian Fergusson‏Verified account @fergieweather 2h2 hours ago More W COUNTRY THURS ☡ Keep across any modifications to @metoffice warnings for snow tomorrow. Latest indications lean to a quite widespread risk for region Thurs PM-eve; broadly ~2-8cm but w local variations. N'ward extent still uncertain. Latest Euro4 offers a fair spatial steer:
  4. What's your thoughts on Friday Steve? That T120 Fax looks promising!?
  5. Anyone else remember the BBC forecast last week saying this week was "looking cold but dry" !!! lol
  6. still not getting those brighter colours on the radar over us. I'm not going to bed until I see some larger flakes!! haha!
  7. alright big boy, stop showing off! Its not the size of snow, it's what you do with it that counts
  8. He said, wake up, you're dreaming! Nothing new to report really. He did say the precip tomorrow is hard to predict
  9. What an exciting time!!!! Have to pinch myself!! This red zone should definitely be extended further east- it was obviously issued for this heavy precip coming up from the channel, and those bright colours will hit quite a few places further east!
  10. can anyone hazard a guess as to how far east the really heavy precip currently in the channel will get? Nearest town? will it be further east than predicted?
  11. well I'm under that precipitation but all i've had is a few small flakes blowing around in the wind. Doesn't seem to warrant a warning?? Is anyone getting any decent snow from this?
  12. After this build up, 5cm will seem very underwhelming! Hoping for the 20cm, but I get the feeling these larger accumulations will be in a relatively small zone.
  13. Supernarket shelves will be stripped naked today no doubt! Off to get bread and milk before its too late!
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