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  1. Sleety rain in Colchester. Imagine actually being excited by this "event" ???
  2. Fabulous though it was, it (BFTE) was very unusual for southern England. Nowhere near the longevity potential of even a couple of weeks earlier. If I was boring enough, I would post some stats to emphasise.
  3. What a funkin' pain. Can't abide sharp late frosts. Two weeks later would probably be worse for growers but I'd rather this crap was reserved for Winter proper, which I suspect would make 99% of people happier. ?
  4. Yep, I'm seeing big Spring showers, with a wintry mix. Don't mind this tbh though.
  5. Anyone who discards winter clothing by mid February is a fool. Edited, to remove what might have been considered by some, to be somewhat provocative
  6. You were correct Kold and I thought your observations at the time were correct too.
  7. I quite like these sort of things tbh. When events test our preconceptions, we learn. All good in the long term. ?
  8. E17, I'd be happy with either a cold spell, with snow, or even an early taste of Spring, with frost in the morning and mild sunshine afterwards. Both good for my soul. North Sea haar, fret, gloom, I'm depressed typing it! Cheers for the optimistic post!
  9. Yes, Alexis. Cannot have helped. Didn't think of that factor tbh. I was going to post an illustrative photo from Spring, where a large branch crashed onto a cul de sac road I was returning along. I'd originally made the outward leg less than an hour earlier. It made me wonder if I could get back - a large hard to shift bough. This was very early in the morning and I know I was the only vehicle and no-one else was about. Light winds. Made me think a bit!
  10. Run of the mill winter storm for sure. We have similar every winter. The only reason a fair number of trees have come down is that trees grow old and die and crash to earth naturally, sometimes with little prompting. This moderately strong blow was enough. I'd say we haven't had a major winter storm for many years in our patch (maybe an unnaturally long "lull"?) Possibly 2002 but I'd go back to the Burns' Day Storm of 1990. At that point, in 1990, it was our third big storm in under 15 years. Storms just after Christmas 1999 caused gusts of over 100mph in Paris (Storms Lothar and Martin?) Paris is possibly slightly less 'favoured" for major windstorms than us. When we get our next major windstorm, some of you will be shocked, if you think the last 24 hours were out of the ordinary.
  11. I'll absolutely not be looking for cold after early April and tbh this forum would feel like one for miscreants to me, if lots were still hunting for it by then, to gain pleasure. The late frosts a couple of years ago did a lot of damage to the horticultural and our fledgling wine industry.
  12. I don't think many are throwing in the towel. After all, in my location, we had a weekend of lying (and hardly thawing) snow in late March 2013. Never thought I'd ever see that but tbh the memorable part was the lateness. If the snow had been in February I'd probably have forgotten it by now (or at least the timing) My preference for snow is for a reasonable cover that lies for several days at least. A covering that immediately turns to slush has zero interest for me. So no throwing in the towel but for my preference, the clock is very much ticking. ?
  13. Yes, that long spell of gloom was tiresome. I suppose at least some did well last week. Not here on the Essex / Suffolk border though. As always happens for some in a cold spell. I think we'll still have a cold shot around early March (MJO 8 etc.) but whether it's memorable? We'll soon be fighting the changing seasons - average temperatures begin an inexorable climb from about 20th Feb. Maybe, maybe not this time.
  14. I agree with this. ? Mind you I wouldn't say I was embarrassed. I've just lost a bit of credibility. Hey ho, hardly too big a deal!?
  15. It seems to me, you've been doing this a lot of this, this winter tbh.
  16. I agree with your last sentence, in that there could be slight frosts followed by warmish sunny days coming up. Pleasant for me and just as pleasing as a crisp day in Autumn. I detest day after day of endless cloud and suffer a bit from SAD.
  17. Agree. This is one to really watch for the strength of the wind. I guess we'll know a bit more about the potential this evening. ?
  18. Sustained cold snowy northerlies are very rare for my location. 2010 was the only one I can remember - I can't remember back to 1970. Half the problem is that northerlies just don't sustain - they become modified by warm sectors etc. I never have great excitement for them.
  19. Yes but a large shovel of salt needed too.
  20. Personally I'd like to see both - a broad ridge from North West Russia to Southern Greenland. ? If we discount the next 10 days, due to the Atlantic spell, we are starting to run out of time for prolonged and sustained cold though. Sure we can have potent short spells until probably early April and snow that will quickly melt afterwards for even longer. In the CET record, if the parameter of a CET maximum temperature of <1C is used, there have been about 165 days in February in the record (from some time in the 1870's) compared to 20 in March - I think 3 were last year. Therefore for me, late mid February to early March please. I'll be looking for warm Spring days afterwards, much more than frost and snow.?
  21. ? I wouldn't worry about them. All harmless, in that whatever they wish makes zero difference to eventual outcomes. Mind you I find it very strange when a few are posting early morning, during the day and in the evening for weeks on end. I dunno, awaiting every model update... Something amiss. Would do my head in! Harmless though...?
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