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  1. name='Paul Sherman' timestamp='1327355752' post='2220145'] N1 Steve Thats gotta be the furthest South Excellent photos mate, quite unusual for the Aurora to be seen so far south? Dam it and here was me tucked up in bed when I could have been witnessing one of the best displays that Mother Nature has to offer! Thanks guys some beautiful pics on this forum my shots shows how weak the Aurora is this far south at least on Sunday I can't wait to see Aurora in storm proportions with real vivid colours that you can almost touch :-)
  2. Hi Paul suggested I post my Pictures from last night I shot from North Norfolk on the beach of Salthouse which is west along the coast from Sherringham. Aurora was shot at just after 0100hrs Using a Canon EOS 5D MK11 WITH A CANON 50MM F1.8 LENS SHOT AT 1600ISO @ F1.8 FOR 10SECS Now it has only taken me 20 odd years to get it in the can!!! now I have I want bigger and brighter :-) bit like storm chasing really ........... once yer been bitten :-)
  3. Just stopping by and wishing my friends a

    happy xmas

  4. Just seen these and agree great picture but Austrailia NOPE! Nebraska or high plains yes
  5. Had to chase a opening in the sky for around 20 miles to get this shot
  6. Chased a small opening in the cloud cover for over 20 miles to get this shot
  7. stevestorms

    Partial Eclipse OCT 3rd

    I had to chase 22 miles for a clear window in the sky and took this shot around 10:00hrs from near Halesworth in Suffolk.
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